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Every type of fish, shellfish and seafood boasts its own distinctive and delicious taste, but you can add further flavors by using herbs, spices and other seasonings to bring out that wonderful flavor of the seafood you are using. Whether you wish to spice it up, give it a subtle, aromatic touch, add a Mexican, Asian or other international flavor, or simply discover which herbs and spices to use with which kind of fish, read on and find out more about choosing the best seasonings.

Fish and seafood is really versatile, and may be served as a snack, appetizer or main dish. It can be used to make soups, stews, sandwiches, and canapés, or enjoyed by itself. Whichever type of recipe you are planning to make, or the occasion you are making it for, there is a perfect herb, spice or seasoning mix you can use.

So what are the most common seasonings for fish? There are certainly plenty of seasoning mixes you can either buy or make yourself, with Old Bay and Crab Boil being prime examples, or you might prefer to use fresh herbs, which need to be added at the end of cooking so they hold on to their subtle, fragrant flavors. Basil, parsley and oregano are often used in seafood recipes, while dill and fish pair beautifully. If you are more interested in an Asian flavor, consider cilantro, which can be paired with chili, lime juice or other herbs, depending on the end result you are seeking. Chives, marjoram, cumin, and lemon verbena are also excellent pairings.

Although if you are following a recipe it should tell you which seasonings to use and how much, there will come a time when you have some plain fish or seafood and you want to come up with your own herb or seasoning blend, in which case keep reading and discover some new ways to add new flavors to your favorite fish and seafood. Because a lot of fish and seafood has a naturally mild flavor, you will want to take care not to overpower this taste with the seasonings. In many recipes just a little spice or seasoning is all you need to add an incredible flavor to your fish or seafood of choice.

Common Seafood Seasonings

Infograph showing many of the common herbs and spices used in the preparation of seafood dishes. This is not an all-inclusive list but gives a pretty thorough idea of many of the possibilities. Laid out for quick reference to what you need to know…

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