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A meal where crab legs take center stage also needs some side dishes that not only taste great with the crab, but also serve to keep the crab in the spotlight. Serving crab legs is often a choice when you are having a celebration or when special guests are visiting. You want the whole meal to work well together. It is no wonder you are wondering what do you serve with crab legs!

Crab legs are rich. While some people will choose to serve equally rich foods with them like artichokes, others will opt for lighter fare to offset the richness. What you choose to do is entirely up to you and what you think everyone is hungry for.

Rich and Richer

Artichokes are a popular choice because they can also be dipped in butter or other sauces you are using for the crab. Many sauces used by both are mayonnaise based, like green goddess dressing or mayonnaise flavored with tarragon, chipotle or other seasonings. You may want to consider offering one or more sauces for dipping along with clarified butter.

Risotto is another rich choice that can even be flavored with crab to go along with crab legs. You could also go for a complementary flavor, like citrus in your risotto. This is perfect when you want a formal meal instead of a casual one.

On the Lighter Side

On the other hand, if you prefer to lighten your meal, serve a fresh green salad. You can make a standard chopped salad or go with an “eating with your hands” theme and offer large pieces of lettuce and dressing to dip it in.

Steamed green vegetables are also great with crab legs. Asparagus is nice because you can dip it in the butter along with the crab legs, but any green vegetable is appropriate. Other great choices include green beans, Brussels sprouts, peas, or spinach.

Other nice side dishes include potatoes. New potatoes can be boiled and covered in butter. Try roasting potato quarters or serving twice-baked potatoes. Crab and potatoes seem to pair up extremely well together.

For informal crab feeds, just supply some crusty bread and corn on the cob along with the potatoes. You can even boil most of the foods together at the same time. Afterwards, just dump everything out on a newspaper-covered table and let everyone help themselves. It makes eating really fun to do this once in awhile.

Another idea would be to make an antipasto platter to go along with the crab legs. Have some creamy soup like clam chowder to round out the meal. For that matter, you could just throw in some clams with your crab legs and maybe some shrimp. Turn the meal into a seafood fest!

Ultimately, you can serve almost anything with crab legs. The classic surf and turf may be cliché, but a lot of people still like it. Pick foods you like. Choose recipes that are simple and will not require a lot of fuss. Your crab legs will be a hit with everyone at the table.


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