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The most important tip for cooking fish, no matter which cooking method you choose, is to let it start cooking in peace. Do not try to flip it over too soon and do not poke at it. When you put the fish on the grill or in the pan, let it cook for a few minutes before you touch it. If you leave it, it will develop a crunchy crust and release itself from the rack or pan when it is ready to be flipped.

How to Grill Fish

Fatty, sturdy fish do well on the grill. The grill should be clean and lightly oiled before you add the fish. If you want to use a delicate fish fillet, you will need a grill basket. Do not cover your grill when you cook fish because the cover locks too much smoke inside and the fish will be over-seasoned.

How to Steam Fish

You should use a bamboo steamer for the best results if you want to learn how to steam fish. Put some stock or water in a big pan and add your favorite seasonings. Place the fish in the steamer over the simmering stock and cook it until it is done. Do not let the liquid boil because this can cook the fish too fast, before the seasonings have flavored it.

How to Microwave Fish

When you microwave fish, it must be turned halfway through the cooking time, in order to cook evenly. If you are using fillets with a thick end and a thinner end, fold the thinner bit underneath the fish so the fillet cooks evenly.

How to Broil Fish

Cooking Tips for Perfect Fish Recipes on the GrillSeason the fish well before broiling and then broil it four to six inches from a preheated broiler. Fillets more than an inch thick will need to be flipped halfway through but thinner ones probably will not need it.

How to Bake or Roast Fish

Roasting fish helps the sugars on the surface to caramelize and gives the fish a delicious, concentrated flavor. Roasting differs from baking because roasting is above 400 degrees F. Baking uses a lower heat and is one of the easiest cooking methods for fish.

Cooking Fish in a Crockpot

One inch pieces of fish will cook in a crockpot set on high in about thirty minutes, so follow the recipe instructions carefully and do not add the fish too early. Most crockpot fish recipes will call for the seafood to be added in the final half an hour so it does not overcook.

Other Fish Cooking Methods

You can batter fish and deep fry it in 375 degrees F oil for four minutes per side or you might like to try cooking it en papillote, which means encasing it in aluminum foil or parchment paper. The foil or paper holds in the moisture and protects the delicate flesh. You can grill or bake fish en papillote.

Poaching is another cooking method. Use any vegetables or herbs in the poaching liquid for fish, but do not let the water boil. The water should be barely simmering for the best results. Make sure the liquid covers the fish. For the best sautéed fish, make sure the pan is hot before you begin and add a little olive oil. Let the fish cook for a couple of minutes before you touch it. Also, do not overcrowd the pan. Cook the fish in batches if you need to.

Cooking Tips for Perfect Fish Recipes on the Grill

One of the tasty ways to cook fish is on the grill. The direct heat cooks the fish quickly without removing the moisture, which means it will be super-juicy. Brush both the fish and the cooking surface with oil before you begin, so it does not stick. Fish only takes a few minutes to cook on the grill, which means you can make fast, easy fish recipes. Fish is a good solution if you are having a cookout and you are not sure what time people will get there. You can season the fish or start to marinate it beforehand and then pop it on the grill when you are ready. Drip lemon juice over it as it grills.

When fish is cooked through, you will be able to flake it easily with a fork and it will be opaque all over. If any part is still translucent or glossy, it is not ready. Use evenly cut fillets for the best results. Using fillets which are thick at one end and thin at the other is asking for trouble! If that is all you have, cut the fillet in two. Add the thinner part to the grill when the thicker part is already half done, and then they will be ready at the same time.


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