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Humans have been eating fish ever since the ancient times when they first set up camp alongside coasts, lake shores, and streams. Fish and seafood are versatile as well as flavorful and they offer health benefits too.

Bouillabaisse is a famous French fish stew recipe and this recipe requires quite a few ingredients including a minimum of three different kinds of fish. Traditionally, bouillabaisse is made with rascasse, which is an ugly Mediterranean fish, but you can use any combination of seafood and fish available.

Asian Fish Recipes

Fish is extremely popular all over Asia, although the recipes do differ a lot. Goa curry is enjoyed all along India’s west coast. There are many variations but this curry tends to be fiery hot with tamarind and coconut added as well.

In Vietnam, kho is the word used to described food which is braised in clay pots. There are kho recipes for fish as well as meat and they are served with delicious caramel-style, molasses-based sauces. Spicy squid is popular in Thailand and there are also plenty of Chinese recipes for seafood and fish. Filipino shrimp and sweet potato fritters are a mouthwatering appetizer.

The Popularity of Raw Fish

Different Kinds of Fish Recipes Around the WorldRaw fish is closely associated with Japanese cuisine but do not forget ceviche. Although ceviche is fish which is combined with citrus juice to “cook” it, it is still made with raw fish, since the fish is not cooked using heat. This dish is thought to have originated in Ecuador or Peru in Inca times. The fish was marinated in a fermented corn beverage, although citrus juice was introduced and used instead when the Spanish settlers arrived.

There is a famous dish from Tahiti made with raw tuna, coconut milk, limejuice and other ingredients and this is known as Poisson Cru which simply means raw fish. The fish in this recipe marinates very briefly so the fish does not get “cooked” (by the citrus juice) on the inside. Raw meat recipes like carpaccio are very popular in certain areas and raw fish recipes are also considered a delicacy.

American Favorites

Tuna noodle casserole was very popular in the 1970s when casseroles were in vogue. Tuna casserole was one of the most popular ones because you could easily make it with dried and canned ingredients. New England lobster salad sandwiches are a great way to use seafood and this summer favorite is popular all along the Maine coastline.

Cajun-Creole dishes like jambalaya are also popular and this one-pot recipe can be made with or without tomatoes. Jambalaya is believed to have been developed by Spanish immigrants who missed their Spanish paella recipes.

European Fish Recipes

From gravlax, which is a Swedish recipe for cured salmon, to French poached cod with aioli and hot, breadcrumb-topped Greek fish in tomato sauce, European fish recipes are diverse and exciting.

British fish and chips is a classic fish recipe and moules marinieres is an elegant French seafood dish. Fish pie is popular in England, although this creamy egg and fish dish was also adapted by Jamaicans who gave it a fiery kick with hot pepper sauce and a tropical coconut twist.

No two international fish recipes are the same, which is why learning new easy fish recipes is so exciting.


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