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Nearly any fish can be used to make a healthy, hearty, and delicious dinner. It just depends on your budget, how much time you have to prepare the meal and your fish cooking knowledge. The best easy fish recipes will clearly explain every step since a lot of people are relative newbies when it comes to cooking fish.

You can get fresh or frozen fish but often the best ones are fresh and that means buying locally caught fish. There are plenty of fish caught in and around the United States which have a wonderful flavor and are easy and versatile to cook.

Famous American Fish You Must Try

If you are wonderful which fish to choose, you do not have to go for anything really exotic. Buy some American fish and you will find plenty of wonderful recipes you can make with it. The most popular fish in America is cod and this fish is caught in huge quantities in the Labrador current along the northern coasts. This fish is amazing fried and it is in season all year, although cod caught in the wintertime is best.

Haddock is like cod but it has a big head which is wasteful. This is also a winter fish. The biggest fish is the halibut and this is sold in slices. With halibut you hardly get any waste so it is very economical and good for making dinner fish recipes.

Salmon is usually broiled, poached, or grilled and it has a unique flavor. The delicate oil found in salmon starts to decompose about sixteen hours after the fish dies, so a lot of people have never had the pleasure of enjoying the true flavor of salmon. In the West, salmon is best from October to March and in the East, it is best from March to June, when it is caught in Canada and Maine.

Bluefish is good for baking and this fish is in season from April until mid-November. Flounder is another good fish for baking. It is similar to sole but not quite as delicate. You can cook flounder au gratin or fry it in fillets. This fish is best in May.

You might also like to try shad and you can cook shad on a wooden plank in the oven or broil it. Do not fry shad because it is oily enough already. You can get shad between February and June. Whitefish from the Great Lakes are amazing planked as well.

Red snapper, kingfish, mullet, pompano, and Spanish mackerel swim in the southern waters. Pompano is great and it tastes like a young chicken when you poach it. Red snapper is also nice poached and you can get the best ones from April to October. Brook-trout are good between April and the end of May.

Do not eat fish without scales, like catfish or eels, unless you know they have been caught in very clear water. Skin them, dip them in an egg and breadcrumbs, and fry them for a crunchy, mouthwatering dinner.

Summer Fish and Winter Fish

A lot of summer fish are sold during the wintertime and they taste fine, although they are not in optimal condition. Halibut, cod, and haddock are winter fish and they are best consumed during the winter. All the others are summer fish and they are nicest if you get them before September.


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