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Even though many people are worried about cooking fish or seafood in case they “mess it up” there isn’t that much that can go wrong, if you find some easy fish recipes and follow them.

Cooking fish is like cooking anything else; once you have done it a few times you will realize it is very straightforward. Do you remember the first time you cooked chicken? If you followed a recipe that warned you that any pinkish meat left in the center can result in food poisoning you were probably nervous about cooking poultry as well. But how many times have you cooked chicken since then? If you are like most home cooks, it is probably second nature by now.

Like chicken, fish is a good choice for family dinners. There are plenty of kinds to choose from, everything from mild fish with very little flavor to bold-tasting specimens bursting with the taste of the sea. If you enjoy fried food, why not swap your fried chicken recipes for English-style crispy beer-battered fish and chips? Biting through the hot crunchy batter to reveal the moist flaky fish underneath is an experience no comfort food fan should miss.

So if you are new to cooking fish (or at least browsing our easy fish recipes website and wondering about the possibility), where is a good place to begin? The best thing to do is probably to match your experience level with the recipes.

There are no difficult fish dishes here, although some are a little more time-consuming than others and a few of the recipes might call for fish you are not familiar with. If a recipe says you can use any white fish, that is good news because you can grab whatever is on special offer at the grocery store.

Choose the Fish and Then the Cooking Method

First choose which fish you want to cook and then choose a cooking method. Baking is especially easy for complete beginners because baking fish is often a case of adding some seasoning and putting the fish in the oven at a specific temperatures, for a specific number of minutes. When the fish is opaque (not glossy any more) and starts to flake if you press down on it, it is ready.

Baking fish also means you have time to prepare your chosen side dishes on the stove, so maybe you want to cook some potatoes or rice in one pot and some corn on the cob, peas, beans, or broccoli in another pan. You could even steam the veggies over the potatoes or rice.

Mouthwatering Ideas to Tempt You

What about something really easy like lemon baked trout? You can buy fileted trout and then all you need to do is squeeze lemon juice over it, grind black pepper over it, and bake it until it is done.

Deep frying is also quite simple, especially if you have a deep fat fryer, since all you need to do is to dip the fish in a batter mixture and then fry it in pre-heated oil until it is crispy. The batter takes the same amount of time to crisp up as the fish inside takes to cook, so battered fish recipes always come out well.

Do not be scared of making your first ever fish recipe because there is nothing to be worried about. Easy fish recipes will guide you through the technical bits (not that there are many) and very soon you will be well on your way to becoming an expert at making the best fish recipes.


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