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Fish can be cooked via various cooking methods, and steaming is a nice one to use because it is easy and you can flavor the steaming liquid to give the fish flavor. This is a moist cooking method too so you can expect your fish to be super-juicy and moist.

Using a Bamboo Steamer

You might already have a bamboo steamer if you like to make Chinese appetizers like wontons or dumplings. If not, you can pick one up for a few dollars from any Chinese grocery store or larger kitchen store. Put some water or stock in a large pan and add seasonings. Anything from ginger to garlic or slices of lemon will work, so experiment.

Bring the liquid to a simmer. Put your fish in the bamboo steamer and balance it on top of the pan, or just inside. It must not be touching the simmering water, and the water must not be allowed to boil, else it will overcook the fish in seconds.

An alternative to seasoning the water is marinating the fish. You do not have to tenderize fish, so twenty minutes should be long enough to marinate it and infuse the fish with flavor.

Using a Steamer Insert

A steamer insert works in a similar way. If you have one without a lid, then simply use the lid of the pan you are using the steamer insert it. You can also get steaming trivets which you can use in woks to raise plates or smaller pans above the level of the water.

How to Cook Fish in a Steamer

Three-Piece Stainless Steel Steamers

If you enjoy steaming fish, you might wish to invest in one of these. A three-piece stainless steel steamer is more costly than a bamboo steamer or steamer insert, but you should be able to pick up a good one for $20 or so, since it is essentially just a pot with a steamer insert and lid.

Some steel steamers are basic and just have one layer. Others might have two or three layers, so you could put your potatoes and hard veggies on the bottom layer (since they require the most cooking) then have soft veggies like bell pepper or mushrooms on the next layer up, and finally have your fish filets on the top layer, since that requires much less cooking than the other ingredients. You can make a whole meal in a large multi-layered steamer.

Tips for Sensational Steamed Fish

Many cooks like to add a couple of cabbage or lettuce leaves to the steamer, before adding the fish on top. This helps to stop the fish sticking.

Your fish will take about ten minutes to steam, depending on its thickness. Like with other cooking methods, you will be able to see or feel when it is done. The fish will be opaque and able to flake when it is cooked through. Prod it with a fork near the end of the estimated cooking time, to check.

Use a wide spatula to remove the fish from the steamer. Put it on a serving plate and sprinkle with sliced green onions, chopped fresh herbs, or a tasty sauce. Learning how to cook fish in a steamer means you can prepare a delicious, healthy meal without adding any oil or butter.

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