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Tuna is mainly sold in steaks and these can make a wonderful dinner. You can buy them fresh or frozen and then simply thaw them overnight in the refrigerator for cooking the following day.

This is a nice alternative to beef steaks or other kinds of seafood, and you can cook tuna to rare or medium-rare and it is very juicy and perfectly safe to eat like that.

Tuna steaks should not be washed before cooking; simply pat them dry with some paper towels. Grilling or pan-searing are both cooking options, so it really depends whether you want to fire up your grill or not.

A charcoal grill always gives meat a nice, smoky taste, so that is something else to bear in mind, although a gas grill or even an electric one can be used instead.

Flavoring the Fish

So which flavors do you want your fish to have? Asian flavors like sesame or teriyaki are usually great with tuna, so you can make a marinade if you want, else you can cook it without marinating.

An alternative to a marinade would be a sauce, and you can choose from a hot sauce or a chilled one. Aioli, remoulade, tartar sauce, and mayonnaise are just some of your options if you fancy something cool and creamy.

If your marinade contains something acidic like vinegar or lemon juice, remember this can ‘cook’ the tuna, so just marinate it for ten minutes or so, unless you wish to cook your fish without heat, in which case leave the marinade on until the fish is opaque. This dish is known as ceviche, and it can be made with other kinds of seafood such as shrimp, lobster, or red snapper, to name a few.

How to Cook Tuna Steaks?

Grilling or Pan-Searing

If you are grilling, the grill should be preheated to a high heat. Oil the tuna before cooking it so it does not stick, and cook for a couple of minutes per side for rare. Pan-searing is similar and you need to make sure your pan gets very hot.

Add a little oil when it is hot, or rub the oil over the fish instead, then give it two to three minutes per side, depending how cooked you want it. Three minutes on each side will give you medium-rare. Some people like to sear the outside so it is crusty and very dark, leaving the center red or pink. This is fine, if it is how you like your fish.

How to Serve It

You can serve it cooked whole as an entrée or finely sliced it as an appetizer. It is also nice added to a salad. Tuna can be served hot, warm or chilled, depending on personal preference and the recipe you are making, but like with all cooked meats and fish, do not leave it sitting at room temperature for too long, for safety reasons.

If you have used an Asian marinade, you might like to serve wasabi and sliced ginger with the cooked fish, since these flavors will complement the others. If you simply added salt and black pepper before cooking, you can serve the tuna steaks with a wedge of lemon or lime, for squeezing over.

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