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If you or a family member like to fish, you will probably have a lot of practice at filleting a fish. If not, but you like to eat fish, learning how to fillet a fish on your own is still a good skill to master. Sometimes you can get a good deal on a whole fish at the local fish market and you will need to know how to cut it up properly. Luckily, there are lots of places online like this one that give you instructions on how to fillet a fish.

Do not worry if the first few attempts look a bit rough. It is only through practice that you will get better at filleting a fish. The important thing is to keep trying. Eventually your fillets will look as beautiful as those at the fish market selling for premium prices.

Fish fillets can be fried, poached, steamed, baked, grilled, or broiled. It is a very versatile way to prepare your fish. The goal is to get nice, solid pieces of fish that do not have any bones in them. Fish bones can be very difficult to see, especially after being cooked. You want to remove them all before you cook and make the fish safer to eat for everyone at your table.

Fish fillets can also be frozen and eaten later. Thawing fillets usually takes less time than thawing an entire fish. While some fish are better for steaks than others are, almost any fish can be filleted and served as such. Very large fish can be filleted and then cut into portions. Smaller fish can be portioned by the size of the fillet itself.

How to Fillet a Fish

Instructions on How to Fillet a Fish

Step One – to Fillet a Fish

Hold the fish securely on the cutting board. You want the back of the fish facing you. If you have a fillet knife, use it. It is a knife with a long, thin blade that is flexible if you push the tip against the cutting board. If you do not have one, use the most flexible blade you have. Place the knife just behind the gills and cut downward until you hit the backbone.

Step Two – to Fillet a Fish

Turn the blade so it is sliding along the backbone. While holding the head of the fish with one hand, use the other to cut through the fish, using the backbone as your guide. A sawing motion is necessary to help the knife cut through the meat of the fish.

Step Three – to Fillet a Fish

Pull away the fillet you have cut from the body, making small cuts as necessary to release it from the bones. Repeat all these steps on the other side to remove the rest of the meat.

Step Four – to Fillet a Fish

Place your fillets skin side down on the cutting board. Holding the fillet steady with the palm of one hand, use the knife to slide between the skin and the meat. Carefully cut along the length of the fillet until you have gone from the tail end to the head end. Repeat with the second fillet.

Step Five – to Fillet a Fish

Feel for leftover bones in the fillets with your fingers. Use tweezers or pliers to pull them from the meat.

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