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When you buy seafood that you cannot eat right away, you need to freeze it. Do not just toss it in the freezer until you have prepped it for the best preservation. If you have a vacuum sealing apparatus, use it. It is most important to keep air from contacting your seafood in its package. If you do not have one, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap, pushing out any air bubbles that form. Put your wrapped fish into a plastic bag. Eat your fish as soon as possible.

Another method is to “glaze” the fish. Dip them in cold water. Place them on a sheet pan and put it in the freezer so the water can freeze on the fish, creating a glaze-like coating of ice. Drop your ice-coated fish into a plastic bag and put it in the freezer.

Freezing Fish for Beginners

Do not freeze any seafood longer than 6 months. While freezing does not dramatically impact fish flavor like it can with beef or other meats, after 6 months they do start to lose quality. Many cold water fish live in temperatures barely above freezing, so putting most fish in a freezer is a great option for awhile. Oily fish like salmon should only be frozen for 3 months; even though they live in the cold waters of the ocean, they do not keep as well in the freezer. Date all your frozen seafood so you do not run the risk of eating subpar seafood.

How to Freeze Fish for Later

Some fish should never be frozen. If you purchase some fresh sardines, mackerel or herring, eat them right away. This is why these varieties are usually found canned at the supermarket instead of frozen. They have a high concentration of fat in their bodies that just does not adapt well to freezing.

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