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There are two ways to fry fish: in a deep fryer or in a skillet. Let us talk about frying fish in a skillet. This is a quick way to cook either a fillet or a small whole fish. There are lots of ways to add flavor to your fish when you are pan-frying, too.

The Pan

First, choose a pan. A lot of people prefer to fry in a nonstick skillet. If this is what you prefer, place it on the stove. Others prefer to use a traditional sauté pan. You will need a little extra oil in a stainless steel pan, but you can definitely get wonderful results, just like the nonstick pan.

The Oil

Next, choose your oil. You can use olive oil, peanut oil, grapeseed oil, or coconut oil. You can even add a little bacon grease in the pan if you have some saved in place of the oil. Bacon grease gives the fish a nice, smoky flavor, and works especially well with trout. Place a little in your pan and let it heat up to a medium high temperature. While the oil is heating up, season your fish with your choice of seasonings.

How to Fry Fish Like a Pro


Once the oil has started to shimmer, lay your fillets in the skillet. If you have fillets an inch thick, set your timer for 5 minutes. You will need less time for thinner fillets and a little more time for thicker ones. You will be tempted to start moving the fish around, but you should just let them cook.

When the timer goes off, turn the fish over. This should be no problem in the nonstick skillet, but if you are using a stainless steel pan, you may need to gently ease your spatula under the fish until you can loosen it from the pan. Flip it over and set your timer for another 5 minutes (or whatever amount of time you did for the first side).

What you will find is that while the nonstick pans make turning the fish simple, you will get a much darker browning from them than the stainless steel pan, which will give the fish a golden brown color. When the timer goes off for the second time, the fish should be done. Serve it with your choice of side dishes.

You can make excellent fried fish in either type of pan, so use what you like best. You will be able to use less oil in the nonstick pan, but some people may have issues with the coating and prefer stainless steel. Either way, you can easily turn out perfectly cooked, delicious fish in a matter of minutes.

Fish that are traditionally fried include trout, salmon, cod, flounder, catfish, bass, tilapia, halibut and many more. Use whatever fish you have on hand and before you know it, you will have a delicious fish meal to share with your family or friends. Once you get used to frying fish, you will want to have it more often. It is recommended to eat fish at least once or twice per week for optimum health.

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