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Grilled fish is one of the best things about having a barbecue. Before you fire it up, however, there are a few things to learn so you get the best results from your grilled fish.

Choosing the Right Fish

There are a couple ways to go when you grill fish. You can choose to grill fish steaks, from large, meaty fish like salmon, tuna, and halibut. These steaks grill nicely and taste great. Alternatively, you can go for a smaller fish if you want to grill them whole. Trout, snapper, and bass are all viable options for grilling whole. Some people have an issue with the head and tail being on a whole, fish, but if this is a problem, just cut these pieces off and wrap your fish in foil with seasonings before you grill them.

If you really want to grill more delicate fish like tilapia, flounder and catfish, you can try putting them in a foil pouch, too. This will keep them all in one piece and they can steam gently in their own juices while infusing the flavors of the grill.


It does not matter what kind of grill you have got; you can cook fish on it. Get your grill nice and hot so you can sear the fish as soon as possible. This helps seal the juices in and makes the fish less likely to stick to the grill.

How to Grill Fish


You can grill your fish on a cedar plank if you want to give it a nice, woodsy flavor. Just get a clean cedar plank from your local cooking store. Soak it well before cooking. Place your fish on top of it, cover, and let it grill.

Foil Packets

We mentioned this before, but foil packets are a great way to make individual portions. Place your fish inside; add vegetables or potatoes, seasoning and a bit of butter. Seal it tightly and let it grill. This works wonderfully for trout, salmon or delicate fish like flounder or sole. This method also keeps your grill nice and clean.

Is It Done Yet?

The basic rule for cooking fish is that it takes 8 minutes to cook an inch of thickness or 10 minutes per inch for a whole fish. Do not be afraid to check it frequently. Take a look at it 2 minutes before you think it should be done. Remember that it will keep cooking for a few minutes after you remove it from the grill.

Swimming in Marinade

Thick fish steaks with a dry texture like tuna or halibut are delicious with a marinade. Most don’t need anything too overpowering; a simple mix of oil, spices and vinegar is usually enough to make it quite tasty. Oily fish like salmon do better grilled and then served with flavored butter or a sauce. It is up to you, depending on what you like best. Some fish go well with summer berries, too. It makes for a nice flavor combination. Do a little research and pick some flavors you like and try them out.

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