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Dressing up in costumes can be a lot of fun, whether it is for Halloween or just because. A fish costume looks impressive, and is much easier to make than you may think. While everyone else is dressed up like movie or cartoon characters, a fish costume will make you original and unique.

What You Need

To make a great fish costume, all you need is two foam sheets from the craft store. Pick some that are one inch thick. Get some acrylic craft paint, a large upholstery needle, some thick thread, paintbrushes, and a large pair of scissors if you do not already have some.

Start With the Foam Sheets

Lay out your foam sheets on the floor. These are the same foam sheets you use for upholstering. If you do not find them at your local craft store, check out a fabric store. Cut the sheets into 4-foot lengths.

Draw a large oval shape on the foam using a marker or fabric pen. You want the oval to be about 3 feet long. End it about a food from one end of the foam. This will be the fish body. On that leftover foot of foam, draw lines from the edge of the foam to the oval to make the fish tail. Angle the lines so it looks like the tail radiates outward from the oval.

Cut out your fish shape from the foam pieces. The triangular pieces that were cut away near the tail will be used for fins. You can cut another tapered triangle piece to use as the dorsal fin (this will go on top of the fish). At the head end, cut out a notch to form a mouth. From the scraps, make a diamond shaped piece to fit over your shoulders. Cut a hole in the center of it for your head.

How to Make a Fish Costume


Paint all the pieces before you put your fish costume together. Use the craft paint to make your fish whatever color you want it to be. After this layer dries, you can paint scales or other markings on the fish. Paint on eyes, gills and the bones in the fins. Let the fish dry completely.


Thread the upholstery needle with a long length of your thick thread. Button thread is a nice heavy thread to try. Tie a knot in one end and sew your diamond shaped piece to both sides of the fish at the top.

Continue down the shape of the fish, sewing the two body pieces together. Leave a good-sized opening at the bottom so your legs have plenty of room to walk comfortably. Slits can be cut through the sides of the fish to accommodate your arms.

Sew on the side fins just above the holes you made for your arms. Attach the top fin to the top of the fish just behind your head.

Now you are all ready to go. You can adapt this costume to fit anyone from an adult to a small child by cutting the pieces to the size you need.

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