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Fish recipes should be memorable for the right reasons, not the wrong ones. Nobody wants to accidentally overcook fish and end up with something flavorless or dry. On the other hand, home chefs seem equally worried about undercooking fish. The truth is that fish is easy to cook. When it is done it is opaque and will flake easily with a fork. All our easy fish recipes tell you roughly how long your fish will take to cook.

Ingredients and Presentation Ideas

It is often best to keep the amount of ingredients down so you do not overpower the flavor of the fish. Although some fish are strong-tasting, a lot are very mild and delicate which is why a pinch of spice, some minced garlic, some fresh herbs or a squeeze of lemon juice is often all that is called for when making very easy fish recipes. You can present a simple fish recipe attractively, perhaps garnishing it with a sprig of fresh parsley or a slice of orange or lemon.

Get the Quality and Quantity Right

Use the best quality fish you can get, especially if you are serving a raw fish dish or something like ceviche which is “cooked” with citrus juice, because the flavor of the fish will shine through clearly. If you are making a fish stew or chowder, you can use frozen fish. Frozen fish is often a budget option and in a hearty, tasty stew you will not be able to tell whether the fish in it was fresh or thawed anyway.

Our easy fish recipes tell you how many people the meal will serve, as an appetizer or entree although, as a general guideline, serve six to eight ounces of fish or seafood per person for an entree.

A Few Entertaining Fish Recipe Facts

Did you know that there are more than twenty eight thousand different species of fish or that the climbing perch (a kind of Indian fish) is able to walk on land to search for water when its own water hole dries up? The world of fish is fascinating indeed.

What do koi fish symbolize, many people wonder. This fish is believed to have originated in Iran and koi carp are very beautiful fish which are kept in ornamental ponds. And what kind of fish is Dory from Finding Nemo, other people want to know. Well, Dory is actually a regal blue tang fish. These fish are baitfish only (used in fishing to catch bigger fish) and they can be toxic to humans.

Facts About Choosing The Best Fish

People tend to fear fish recipes more than any other kind, for some reason, but there are plenty of easy fish recipes which are suitable for even complete beginners in the kitchen.

You should begin with recently caught, healthy fish. Look out for firm, blemish-free, odorless specimens. Salmon is a great fish for beginners to choose because it pairs with lots of different ingredients and can be cooked in several different ways.

Quick Cooking Tips for Luscious Fish Recipes

If you rub lemon juice on fish before cooking, it will add to the flavor and help the fish to maintain its color. Try dipping your fish in flour before pan-frying it, if you want a crispy crust. If you are cooking fish that is less than half an inch thick, it will not need to be flipped over.

Frozen fish has a longer cooking time than fresh fish. Broil, steam, poach, or grill oily fish so their natural fats can drain away. For moist broiled fish, poach or steam the fish first until it is nearly cooked through and then brown it under the broiler. You can find plenty more fish cooking tips in our fish articles section!


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