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Salmon is so versatile and can be steamed, poached, grilled, broiled, pan fried or smoked. Some recipes call for fresh salmon and others are canned salmon based recipes. If you are making something like a bell pepper filling or a salmon loaf recipe, it is fine to use canned salmon.

Succulent Grilled Salmon Recipes

Salmon is a wonderful fish to grill because it cooks quickly and evenly and stays juicy. Salmon has a high fat content making it a wonderful grilling fish. A simple grilled salmon recipe is to de-skin and season a couple of inch thick salmon fillets.

Never let salmon marinade for more than fifteen minutes, else the flesh begins to break down and your grilled salmon recipe will turn out mushy. Oil the grill or wrap your salmon in foil, then cook for seven to twelve minutes, until the salmon is flaky and opaque.

Indulgent Smoked Salmon Recipes

Well-loved smoked salmon recipes include smoked salmon quiche, smoked salmon, vodka and dill cream pasta sauce, cucumber rounds with smoked salmon appetizers and simply smoked salmon served with brown bread and butter. You can buy smoked salmon or smoke your own in a smoking oven.

Best Baked Salmon Recipes

Baking is a healthy cooking method for salmon and other fish. You can either bake salmon in greaseproof paper or foil or you can bake it in a roasting tray or casserole dish. If you are using greaseproof paper or foil, add some flavored butter or wine for rich and tasty results. If you are using a roasting tray or casserole dish, you can add vegetables and a wine or bouillon base.

There are plenty of ways to cook this wonderful, flavorsome; healthy fish so whether you are using salmon steaks, salmon fillets, or the whole fish, there are many great salmon recipes to try out!

How to Make the Very Best Salmon RecipesHow to Smoke Your Own Salmon for Smoked Salmon Recipes

Smoked salmon is easier to make than you might think! There is something very luxurious about smoked salmon and it can be used in so many smoked salmon recipes such as salmon quiche, creamy salmon pasta or even served alone on warm bread, topped with some caviar. Salmon used to be smoked as a means of preserving it but now it is smoked because it tastes so good!

First, you need to brine or salt your salmon pieces for several hours, then air-dry them before smoking them. The reason the salmon is air dried after being soaked in brine is to promote a pellicle, which is a tough outer coating. This ensures the salmon retains its moisture while smoking.

Salmon can be hot smoked or cold smoked. Alder, maple, hickory and apple wood are all good for making smoked salmon for the best salmon recipes.

How to Fillet a Salmon the Easy Way

If you have ever wondered how to filet salmon, it is more simple than you perhaps thought. You need to lay the fish on a large cutting board and slice down the belly with a sharp filet knife. Clean out the innards and rinse the fish under cold, running water.

Cut off the fins, tail, and the head behind the gills. You might want to use shears rather than a filet knife for that part. Cut down the backbone and flip the filet over. Cut between the meat and skin on one side then the other. Lay the fish flat and cut the ribcage away. Rinse the filets under cold, running water and hey presto, you have filleted your own salmon in a few minutes!

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