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Learning how to make tuna salad is really easy, and you have plenty of options, so you can incorporate your favorite flavors and ingredients. First of all, do you want to use fresh or canned tuna? Fresh tuna is more expensive but can have a superior flavor and texture. Unless you are making ceviche (marinating raw tuna in citrus juice to ‘cook’ it without heat) you will need to cook the fish first.

Opening a can is obviously quicker and easier and there is no cooking involved, but your dish will lack the sophistication fresh fish offers. As you can see, there are pros and cons for each ingredient, so use whichever you want.

Types of Tuna Salad Recipes

If you are using canned fish, you can drain it and toss it with other ingredients like mayonnaise or sour cream, as well as some textured items like sliced radish, onion, raisins, or anything else you like. Crunchy ingredients like nuts and celery are always good too, because they add a pleasant texture to an otherwise soft and creamy mixture, and make it more interesting.

Throw in some salt and pepper, as well as any herbs or spices you like, and you have a great salad which you can serve on a bed of lettuce, or use to top a baked potato or fill a sandwich.

How to Make Tuna Salad?

A different kind of salad can be made if you do not wish to combine your ingredients with mayonnaise or cream. Try serving your fish with salad leaves, grated carrot, corn kernels, and feta cheese, or with iceberg lettuce, pineapple chunks, beets, and celery, or with anything else you have in the refrigerator. It would also be good with olives and capers, or with a dollop of homemade coleslaw.

You can add canned or fresh fish to any kind of salad and it will work. Tuna goes with any kind of vegetables, any cheese, any kind of nuts, and all kinds of other ingredients. Just experiment and the salad should work out fine. In fact, learning how to make a tuna salad is easier than learning how not to make one, because pretty much any ingredients work!

Salad with Fresh Tuna

If you are cooking fresh or thawed tuna, then you can serve this hot or warm, or you can chill it. Serve it on a bed of lettuce and add your favorite ingredients to the plate. Make your own dressing or open a bottle of readymade dressing, and serve it for lunch or dinner. Smaller portions can be served as an appetizer.

Healthy and Nutritious Meals

Not only are these tasty dishes but they are also very healthy, especially if you choose extra-virgin olive oil and a little vinegar or lemon juice instead of sour cream or mayonnaise, or if you opt for reduced-fat versions of cream or mayonnaise to make the dressings. Eating fish several times a week is considered healthy, and many typical salad ingredients are also nutritious and low in fat and calories.

The next time you are wondering how to cook tuna, why not incorporate this flavorful protein into a salad? Salads are not just for the spring and summer either. You can serve hot grilled fish with a side salad any time of the year for a delicious meal.

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