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Fishing is both a relaxing pastime and a great way of catching your own dinner. A fish trap means you do not have to stand on the shore clutching a fishing pole all day. A fish trap must be strong enough to contain the weight of the fish trapped inside and it should be made attractive with bait, to encourage the fish to venture inside in the first place.

To make a fish trap, you are going to need a mesh bag, a funnel, light gauge wire, stiff wire mesh fabric, and some tasty bait. The exact size of the fish trap depends on the type and size of fish you are aiming for. For very small fish, a trap measuring twenty four by twelve inches will suffice. If you want bigger fish, you must increase these dimensions.

It is up to you whether to make a cylindrical or rectangular trap but because the water current can help to roll fish into your trap, many people prefer a cylindrical shape.

Cut the wire mesh so it folds to make a box shape and overlaps at the seam. You will need a six by four foot piece of wire mesh to make a forty eight by twelve by twenty four inch fish trap. When the box is made, attach a light gauge wire to its corners. Cut a twenty four by twelve inch piece of wire mesh fabric and secure it where you tied the light gauge wire.

Put a mesh bag (the kind you buy fruit in is fine) in the fish trap, having first filled it with bait. You can use anything from fish, bread, frankfurters to dog or cat kibble. Different fish like different bait so you might want to bring a few different things and experiment or put more than one type of bait in the mesh bag.

Put a rock or brick in there too, to weigh the fish trap down. Tie the funnel into the trap, ensuring the fish can get in through the opening. When you have done that, your fish trap is ready to use.

Quick and Easy Fish Trap

If you have a knife and a plastic bottle, you can make a fish trap in about one minute. Of course, it will not be as elaborate as the one detailed above but it will suffice. You will need a small bottle so it is easier to lift when it is full of water. Small fish will find it more difficult to escape if the bottle neck is small. You will need to put rocks or stones in the bottle to keep it on the bottom and to stabilize it against waves.

Cut the bottle somewhere low down and the top and bottom halves will fit together firmly without the need for wire, fishing line, tape or glue. Learning how to make a fish trap is very easy and whether you are fishing for the pleasure of catching something (with the idea of releasing it again afterwards) or fishing for your supper, making your own fish trap and successfully catching a fish in there is very satisfying.

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