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Ice fishing is something that many people greatly enjoy, whether they are catching ingredients to make easy fish recipes or participating in derbies or tournaments with other fishermen. Ice fishing is, by default, a hobby which is limited to cold areas like the northeast, because you need ice to do it. Some places are covered in ice year-round and other places are frozen over in the winter season and thaw in the summer season.

Ice Fishing for Beginners

If you fancy having a go at ice fishing, there are a few things to learn about it beforehand. First of all, ice fishing can be quite strenuous. Forget relaxing in the sun with a cold beer and a book, with your fishing pole beside you on the shore.

For ice fishing, you have to drill a hole through thick ice and, in some cases, assemble an ice fishing house around the hole. If you are going to fish at night, you will need some way of illuminating the area so you can see what is going on.

Clothes for Ice Fishing

Northeast Ice FishingYou will need the right clothing and that usually means a hat, gloves, scarf, and padded winter wear. Clothes like this can be costly so you might like to get some second hand gear or borrow some, at least until you try ice fishing a couple of times and discover whether it is the sport for you or not.

You will also need to find a safe place to practice this sport. You cannot simply drill through any piece of ice; you have to find out where it is safe to fish and where the ice is liable to give way under your weight! If you are serious about this hobby, why not browse the internet to find a local northeast ice fishing club or group? Or perhaps one of your friends enjoys ice fishing. This sport is not limited to men either; plenty of women and older children also enjoy it.

Ice Fishing Augars – Important Ice Fishing Gear

Ice fishing is not a pastime for everyone. Some people prefer to get their fish from the grocery store. If you are a fishing fan, however, it can be fun to give ice fishing a try. All kinds of fishing require some equipment (a pole, line and some bait, for example) but ice fishing requires different gear.

What are Ice Fishing Augars?

An ice fishing augar, or ice fishing auger, is one piece of equipment you are going to need if you want to catch fish through the ice. The best ones adjust to different lengths and are easy to use. You can get manual or gas-powered ice fishing augars. This device works by drilling through the ice. Ice, as you know, is very hard, and if it is very thick it can be nearly impossible to penetrate without an ice fishing augar to help you.

Manual and Gas-Powered Types

Manual augars can be hard work if you are drilling through thick ice. The gas-powered ones will cut through the ice like a knife through butter, but they have the drawbacks of being heavier and more expensive.

You should choose an ice fishing augar based on your budget and how often you ice fish. If you only ice fish once or twice a year, a manual augar should suit you just fine. For people who ice fish often, a gas-powered one might work out to be a good investment over time.


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