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Have you ever admired those beautiful butterflied lobster tails you get at fancy restaurants? They are truly a sight to behold. Ripples of lobster meat fold over the bright red shells, offering you the most succulent seafood for your dining pleasure. Did you know you can learn to do this yourself? It’s true! It is a bit tricky the first few times you do it, but the presentation looks amazing when you serve it to your guests. If you like seafood, it is worthwhile to learn this technique.

You need a nice sharp pair of kitchen shears and some thawed raw lobster tails. Take your shears and cut the top of the shell down the center. Be careful not to cut the meat. That comes later. Cut the shell all the way to the base of the tail.

Instructions on How to Cook Lobster Tails

Using your fingers, pry each side of the shell gently away from the meat all the way back to the tail. Leave the base of the meat connected to the shell near the tail. Once the meat is free of the enclosing shell, lift it up gently and squeeze the shell together. Lay the meat back down on top of the shell.

With a sharp knife, cut a small, shallow slit down the length of the meat, just like when you cut the back of a shrimp to remove the vein. Take the meat on each side of your small cut and fold it back over the shell on each side. Now make two similar cuts down the meat parallel to the one you just made. During cooking, these cuts will make the meat puff up into ripples that look absolutely beautiful on the plate.

How to Cook Lobster Tails

Mix melted butter, smoked paprika, a little bit of garlic powder, a dash of lemon juice, and a little white pepper together in a small dish. Drizzle this mixture over all the butterflied lobster tails. Save some for basting partway through cooking.

What is the Best Way to Cook Lobster Tail

Place the lobster tails in a broiler-safe pan and cook until done. Baste the tails with more butter mixture halfway through cooking. When they are done, remove them from the pan and serve with butter for dipping.

When you use the broiler, never leave the lobster tails unobserved. It may seem like it is not cooking very fast, but as soon as you turn your back it will suddenly burn. Large lobster tails that are close to a pound may take a half hour or slightly more to finish cooking. Each tail is different, so it pays to keep your eye on them. You will know they are done when the meat turns completely opaque. You can always stick a meat thermometer in them when you pull them out of the oven. An interior temperature of 180 degrees F. will tell you they are completely done.

Serve these beautiful lobster tails when you really want to impress someone. Perhaps you need to make a meal for your boss, or you want to surprise your spouse on a special day. This is also a wonderful way to impress a date. Most of all, enjoy the flavor of these delicious lobster tails.


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