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It can get boring grilling just the same old burgers and hot dogs. Even chicken gets to be predictable. Why not grill some delicious lobsters for your next weekend barbecue? Lobsters take on that delicious smoky flavor wonderfully. It really is pretty simple to do, too.

Pick out some live lobsters ranging between 1-½ to 2 pounds each. Make sure they are lively before you choose them. Sluggish lobsters may not be as healthy as those that move actively around the tank. Bring them home and put them in a cooler full of ice until you are ready for them.

Bring a large pot of water to a rolling boil. Parboil the lobsters (one or two at a time) in the pot. Place a cover on it and let them cook for 5 to 7 minutes. This only partially cooks the lobsters. Remove them from the pot and place them on a cutting board, belly side up.

So How Do You Barbeque Lobster

Using a sharp knife, cut each lobster in half lengthwise from the head to the tail. Rinse the lobsters under running water to wash off the tomalley (the gooey stuff in the main body of the lobster). You can also split the claws with the knife on the side that will face upright while on the grill. Be careful when you do this; the shell is slippery. Hold the claw down firmly and use the point of the knife to make a small slit to allow steam to escape the claw. Heat your grill to a medium temperature and place each lobster half on the grill with the shell facing the heat.

Use melted butter or olive oil to baste the exposed meat while the lobsters finish cooking. You can add a little salt and pepper if you wish. Seasoned oils are a great way to add flavor. Try garlic oil or some herbed oils. Thyme, basil and rosemary both make excellent oils to season food. You can also mix lemon or lime juice to your butter.

How to Grill Lobster – The Best Grilled Lobster

To help the lobsters cook thoroughly, cover them temporarily with a metal pie plate. Remove it every few minutes to baste the lobsters and check for doneness. Grill the lobsters for about 10 minutes or so. Use a meat thermometer to check the temperature in the thickest portion of the tail to see if it is cooked. When done, the meat will be an opaque white.

Serve grilled lobster with melted butter and lemon slices. They go well with a green salad, ears of corn, or any other favorite side dishes you want to make. This is a wonderful meal for a family celebration or even just because you want something different. You can indulge in a meal like this once in awhile; it is absolutely delicious! Make the most of it and have the lobster be the star. Savor every morsel. You will wonder why you ever ate lobster any other way. The smoky flavor of the grill infuses the sweet lobster meat, making it succulent.

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