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So you have got a couple pounds of shellfish from your local fishmonger… now what? Shellfish are sold either alive or frozen. Either way, you want to take good care of them until they are cooked.

You can buy clams, mussels and oysters live. You want to allow your shellfish plenty of air on the way home, but you want to keep them cool. A cooler with ice packs or crushed ice works well to transport them home. Open up the bag they are in so they can breathe. Drain off any melted water as needed. Cover your mussels with the ice, but if you have clams or oysters, just set them on top of the ice. Cover your clams and oysters with a damp towel.

Store your shellfish in an open container in the bottom of your refrigerator until you are ready to cook. Keep them covered with your damp cloth. Shells that are open before cooking should be discarded just like the shells that do not open during cooking.

Shellfish 101 and Unusual Seafood Cooking Methods

Unusual Seafood Cooking Methods

You have read all about how to steam, broil, bake, fry, poach, and grill seafood. There are also some unusual ways to prepare seafood that you may want to try. One of the less common methods uses marinade to cook. Yes, it really does cook the seafood.

Ceviche is not really cooked, but it is not really raw, either. Pronounced she-VEE-chay, this unusual dish is usually made with fish, shrimp, or any seafood you will find on your average sushi menu. The seafood is chopped into small pieces and marinated in citrus juice.

Lemon, lime, or orange juice are all common choices. The dish may also contain chopped onions and chilies. The seafood marinates in the citrus juice, which in turn cooks the fish. Seafood is a delicate meat, and the acids in the citrus juice actually change the meat enough to render it into a lightly cooked state.

The finished dish is sharp and acidic. It goes well with potatoes or tortilla chips and tastes wonderful on a hot day.

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