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Raw seafood is popular in sushi restaurants. Sashimi, a dish made up of raw fish slices, is usually made from tuna, mackerel, red snapper, halibut, or other salt-water fish. If you choose to eat raw fish, do not be afraid to ask where it came from and how fresh it is. Since the Japanese have been eating raw fish for centuries, follow their lead on fish that is safe to eat. Sushi-grade fish are treated a certain way from the moment they are caught so the meat will be safe.

Many freshwater fishes may carry internal parasites; these are perfectly safe when the fish is cooked. Do not eat freshwater fish raw. Another way to be certain your raw fish is safe is to have it frozen beforehand. Freezing will kill any possible parasites that are carried by the fish. Some people will tell you that salt-water fish never has parasites, but that is not correct.

Cooking Tips for Perfect Seafood Recipes

They say that practice makes perfect. This is definitely the case when you are making seafood recipes. A basic knowledge of cooking does help and here are some handy tips to ensure your seafood recipes come out great time after time. Find Los Angeles Seafood Cooking Tips for perfect seafood on our Cooking Tips page. In addition, you can find other helpful info in the article section on ways to simplify your seafood cooking experience.

Buying the Best Ingredients

Buying the Best Ingredients

Making amazing seafood recipes is not simply about finding a recipe you like the look of and rushing to the store to grab the listed ingredients. When working with seafood and shellfish it is vital to ensure you have some knowledge of choosing the best seafood and shellfish, since seafood which is not fresh can make you sick.

Do you know what the biggest mistake is, when people are buying fresh seafood? The answer is not handling it correctly for the journey home. If you are ordering Los Angeles seafood and having it delivered to your door, that is not an issue, but what about when you buy your fish elsewhere and need to bring it home?

First of all, bring a cooler with you. Unless you are going to eat it right away you will need to keep it cool. You can usually get a little ice from wherever you buy your seafood.

If the seafood is not alive (shrimp, squid or crab, for example) you can ask for it to be double-bagged and then sit the bag on an ice block in your cooler. Do not leave the seafood in your car while you do the remainder of your shopping! Plan to buy it last.

What to Look For

When buying whole fish, check for a bright, lustrous skin, bright eyes which are not sunken, bright red gills, and firm flesh which springs back when pressed gently. For filets and steaks, the flesh should be firm and shiny, not soft or dull, and it should certainly not be waterlogged or feel like it is.

Lobsters and crabs should not have discoloration around the joints, and shrimp should not be discolored along the legs or segment edges.

What Else Will You Need

Although you can present seafood by itself or with a simple garnish, a lot of our seafood recipes call for other ingredients. The fish is usually the star of the show, or the main flavor in the dish, but sometimes it is just used as an accompaniment.

Since you are taking care to select only the best seafood, it is also worth ensuring your other ingredients are top-notch, so the finished dish will be an outright success.

For a seafood salad, choose ripe vegetables and discard anything which is beginning to get too mushy or going brown. If the recipe gives you the choice of fresh or dried herbs, it is usually better to use fresh ones, since their soft, aromatic flavor will be nicer with the seafood.

More Tips for Perfect Seafood Recipes

The little touches also make a big difference, so chill your plates if you are serving a cold appetizer or salad, or warm them in the oven if you are serving a hot dish. This keeps the seafood at the correct temperature for longer.

Garnish your dish with a sprig of parsley, cilantro, basil, or mint. Try a lemon wedge or some toasted sesame seeds instead if that suits the dish better.


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