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If you take a look, there are more and more online outlets for buying fresh seafood from all over the world. This is a great thing. It offers more people the chance to enjoy fresh seafood delivered right to their door.

Many people live in places where it is hard to have a fresh seafood market due to the time it takes to pack the seafood, ship the seafood, unpack the seafood and wait for people to come and buy it. Ordering seafood online lets each customer order only what they want and they can eat it right away. The seafood is fresh and delicious.

Sustainable Harvests

Online seafood companies tend to sell only the types of seafood that can be sustainably harvested. It is important to our oceans and fishing industries to practice methods of harvest that do no harm to other species and that leave plenty of fish and shellfish to reproduce. Another benefit to sustainable fishing is that the species that are easily sustainable often have lower mercury levels, making them safer to eat.

Types of Seafood

Many online seafood companies specialize in certain types of seafood. Maine lobster is one type of seafood that everyone loves, but it may be hard to find in your specific location. Now you can order your own lobsters and they arrive right to your house.

Why Buy Seafood Online?

Crab cakes are another favorite dish that you can get when you buy seafood online. Some sites will also offer clams, crabs, oysters, mussels, and shrimp. Fillets of fish like halibut, tuna, bass, salmon, sablefish, Arctic char, and others are frequently available. You can buy your seafood and sit down to a delicious meal of mahi mahi fresh from Hawaii even if you live in Iowa.


While some online seafood companies may seem expensive, it is mostly to pay for the overnight shipping. If you expect to get live lobsters, you cannot wait for them over the course of several days. The actual prices of the seafood are usually at market value, so you are not paying more for the seafood itself than you would if you could go to a neighborhood fish market. It is worth the shipping cost to enjoy fresh seafood no matter where you live. Flat rate or even free shipping is available from some seafood sites, which saves you money.

How to Care for Your Fresh Seafood

Put fish in the coldest part of your refrigerator when it arrives. If you want to freeze it, be sure and date it. Fish can be safely frozen for 2 months in the freezer attached to your refrigerator or up to 4 months in a deep freeze.

Shellfish needs to breathe, so do not close up the container you put it in. Cover them with damp paper towels to keep them moist. Shellfish should be shucked before freezing. Freeze oysters and other shellfish at zero degrees F for the best results. When it is time to thaw your seafood treasures, let them thaw slowly in the refrigerator before cooking.

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