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Handy Shrimp Articles for Home Cooks

Learning how to cook shrimp is all about starting at the beginning. First you need to understand about the different types of shrimp and then you might want to learn a few cooking methods for this flavorful seafood. Shrimp are easy to cook and you can choose from pan-frying, deep-frying, grilling, poaching, boiling, and more. Most shrimp are ready after a minute or two, or when they turn pink, so you can see when they are done without having to cut into them. For this reason, it is easier to cook shrimp to perfection than chicken or steak which many beginner cooks have to cut open to find out. Shrimp tends to overcook quickly though, so once it is done, it is ready to use. Shrimp can be turned into soup, salad, a pasta dinner, or anything you like, as our shrimp knowledge base will explain.

Common Shrimp Questions

Our shrimp articles also explain more about the different kinds of shrimp and how to de-vein and shell them. How do you butterfly shrimp? How do you grill jumbo shrimp? Our informative articles endeavor to answer these questions, plus many more. Every home cook has to start somewhere, so if you want to learn some basic shrimp cooking facts, you have come to the right place. If you are a little more used to cooking shrimp but you still want to learn more about them, we also have shrimp articles for the more advanced cook.


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Everyone knows 'the big three' which are cod, tuna and salmon, but sometimes it is fun to try different types of fish, such as perch, trout, monkfish, or even shellfish like mussels or clams. There are seafood recipes for every season and occasion, those served chilled for a refreshing burst of flavor, and those served hot in stew or soup form.

Choose from crispy fried fish, tender pan-fried or poached cuts, or what about a seafood medley boasting the most wonderful flavors of the sea, lake or river? Seafood can be served as part of a salad or savory dish, or it can be served as an appetizer or snack. Bacon-wrapped scallops, anyone? You will find a comprehensive collection of wonderful seafood recipes right here, for your inspiration and enjoyment.

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