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Shrimp is usually cooked with heat, and this might be grilling, frying, poaching, or another cooking method. It is also possible to ‘cook’ the shrimp without using heat though, which might surprise you if you have never done this before.

Soaking the shrimp in lemon or lime juice is another method to cook it. The citric acid in the juice coagulates the proteins and gives the shrimp the same appearance and texture as if it had been cooked with heat transfer. Using citrus juice gives the same result but without the need to use heat.

The Appeal of Ceviche

Ceviche, which can also be spelt seviche or cebiche, is a popular seafood dish throughout Central and South America, as well as in the Philippines. The shrimp (or sometimes fish) is combined with lemon or lime juice, and chili peppers are also added to spice it up, as well as sometimes cilantro, salt or onion. This recipe is delicious in the summertime especially because of the light, refreshing flavors, and the fact it is chilled.

Ceviche is served with side dishes like avocado, corn, lettuce, or potatoes. To make ceviche, you need to use good quality, very fresh fish, to minimize the risk of food poisoning. Also because there is no heat involved, it is not a recommended dish for pregnant women.

History of Ceviche

It is not known for sure how or where this dish originated but it might be somewhere in Central or South America, or in the Polynesian islands. Archeological findings show that a food very similar to ceviche was eaten almost two thousand years ago, and it is believed that Moorish women from Granada who traveled to Peru with the Spanish colonizers introduced it to Peru and from there its popularity spread.

Modern recipes for it started to make an appearance in the United States in the 1980s, and there are lots of different styles of it. Some types are made with a specific type of fish filet and other kinds might feature more than one kind of fish or shellfish.

How to Cook Raw Shrimp without Heat

How to Make It

Prepare and clean some shrimp, then marinate them in a lemon or lime mixture. Although traditional-style ceviche would have been marinated for three hours, the more modern dishes have a much shorter marinating time.

Some fish can be ‘cooked’ in the marinade in the time it takes to mix the ingredients together, arrange the ceviche on a plate and carry it to the dinner table. For this result you would need to use very thin pieces of fish. Shrimp is thicker, so takes longer, but you can see when the shrimp is done because it will turn opaque and pink.

If you find ceviche too acidic for your palate, you can drain off some of the juices and add some chopped avocado or some extra-virgin olive oil to make the flavor more neutral.

Learning how to cook raw shrimp not only means you can make this wonderfully refreshing and aromatic dish, but it also means if you are faced with the task of making dinner and the oven and hob are not available, you can still make a cooked shrimp dish.

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