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Growing up in New England at some point you are going to be exposed to New England lobster and a very traditional way along the Maine coast of serving this is in a split top hot dog bun and made into lobster salad. It is really a rather straightforward simple recipe that works mainly for that reason not a lot to complicate it. Now in New England most will say the best lobster comes from the north coast of New England and the state of Maine in fact it is known best for this and potatoes.

Now I break from tradition a bit in that I use potato rolls as I love the freshness and how soft and yummy these are and I personally think it is my little improvement on the old recipe feel free if you can get them where you live to use split top hot dog buns the more traditional serving vessel. Also the Sriracha hot sauce is a personal thing so I make no recommendation other then use as much or little as YOU like not what I suggest, I will say though this is a not suppose to be one of those burn your eyeball out kind of dishes it is in fact often very mellow as to much heat drowns out the delicate lobster meat.

You don’t have to be from New England to enjoy these anymore either with modern shipping lobster is available in most parts of the country these days not just limited to the coastal regions. Now lobster is a very delicate and mild meat that doesn’t have a strong seafood taste so even if you’re not a fan of say fish you might very well like this instead. It is very common along the New England coast to find roadside food stands selling lobster rolls as their main entree and especial in the summer you will find these along US 1 the road that hugs the New England shoreline and is the more local way to see the region than being on the interstate. Lobster is but one of the many seafood dishes the region is known for but one of the true treats of summer here. Continue reading

When most people think of oysters they first think of oysters on the half shell or oysters Rockefeller but one of the many ways and an also important way of serving oysters is in a stew. Oyster stew although more like a chowder I would say is a lovely way of using oysters and my recipe use oysters from a can for a few important reasons. One they are simpler to use and I wanted a quick and easy recipe that could be made in very little time. Also oysters are not always available so it eliminates the need for what if it isn’t oyster season. Also sometimes quality is actual better controlled in the canning process so you can actual get a more consistent product this way.

Now if you have your heart set on shucking oysters you can always use fresh and shuck your own reserve the oyster liquor for the recipe as it adds a lot of flavor to the fold. Now I call this a stew but here in New England if it has cream such as this we would refer to it as a chowder but unlike most chowders this is a fairly thin broth if you want to thicken it add a 1/4 cup of flour into the end of the vegetable cooking process before the liquids and stir it in until slightly browned and let it form a rue and then stir in your liquids with a wire whisk blend to keep it from lumping.

Normally I would do the later as I like my stews and chowders thick but in this one the delicate flavor is best served in my opinion on the thin side. Totally a personal preference as is true with all recipes edit to your liking. Sorry it has been a while since my last recipe a lot happening behind the scene both health and business wise that have demanded my time away from the keyboard. I think I am back on track now so new content should be rolling out daily again across the whole network starting with the oldest out of date first which meant here. Thanks for your understanding. Continue reading

There are some good reasons why I chose this dish for you today. One I am still trying to focus on the shellfish categories and it dawned on me no set shellfish recipes would be complete without this recipe. The other is I am trying to build the categories by thinnest first and as I saw it clams it was. So when I set out to do a clam recipe I thought of different ways you can do clams I have done a baked one, a clam fritter one and it dawned on me to do something with steamed clams and to me that just had to be spaghetti in red clam sauce.

This dish is to seafood what pizza is too well pizza. There are a few very traditional Italian pasta dishes and many do feature seafood let’s face it – it has water on three side it is no doubt seafood is going to be a big part of the culinary world in a place surround by water. Now just as Italy is big into seafood so is my home of New England and one of my all-time favorite seafood and shellfish in particular is clams. Many people think first of fried clams but they are wonderful steamed and then used in a red sauce.

Many people don’t know that New England has a pretty big Italian-American population and as such Italian food plays a big part in our cuisine. Also having four kids I am always looking to stretch the family food budget so pasta is a good way to do that and you know my boys love their meat so I need to bring something to that pasta other than just tomatoes or mom is in the dog house. So clams in red sauce to the rescue. Now I leave the clams in the shells to give them something to do other than just shovel it in so that is why mine has them all in the shells. You can by all means remove the shells if you like and just serve the clam meat with the sauce if you prefer. Continue reading

Lately I have been on a one woman mission (well with some help from staff) to round out most of my sites or expand into areas I haven’t covered like my new Tex-Mex category on my Mexican food site. Looking around seafood it seems to me the area I need the most help or coverage expansion in is the shellfish categories so I am trying to focus on that and that lead me to today’s post for a New England girl’s take on a classic cross between an Italian recipe and baked stuffed clam recipe.

Here in Connecticut we have the luxury of being right next-door to Rhode Island which is a major source for clams and seafood in general as is most of New England. New England has a long maritime and fishing history so we have the luxury of being fairly close in distance compared to western states (although Northern Maine is a hike) so it is quick from boat and dock to store. Now this site as all my current sites were created a little bit ago by taking my old network of about 45 niche sites and combining them into a few more focused mega niches.

Well seafood is no different its core came from my fish site, crab site, LA Seafood, and shrimp site and I merged these all together and thus hence going forward tried to fill in the blanks and so far I am fairly happy with the direction they have all taken it has been a huge project taking years of recoding (old sites were all hand coded) as where the new ones are all on word press so I could make them more social. Now we are looking forward to growing from this major step and as such it offers a lot more opportunity to share a wider verity of taste and recipes with you and still stayed focused on the main themes. Continue reading

Today’s recipe for this seafood site is a lovely seared sea scallop recipe that is accompanied by a tasty bourbon tarragon cream sauce to finish the scallop dish off right. I am having so much fun with today’s work load I have been traveling from site to site today so I have had a lovely mix of different recipes and ingredients to offer up. My latest stop is here at seafood and looking through the menu I decided that I need another scallop recipe for the mix (well right now anyways next week it will change again) so I sat down and asked myself, self what is it you like about scallops so much? I have to admit they are among my favorite seafood items.

So in thinking of that I came up with the idea of searing the scallops to gain a lovely crispness to the outside and a tender juice inside(secret don’t cook them all the way on the stove top) let them finish with the retained heat from cooking and what would go well with seared scallops. I remember a trip down south when I had them in this little seafood place and they did them in a bourbon tarragon cream sauce so I set out to recreate that sauce and this is the outcome of my work.

I am sure you will love the way the sauce accents the scallops and this dish could go well with any number of side dishes including any number of salads or even a nice wild rice with sautéed mushrooms or maybe even just some smashed potatoes or maybe even some oven roasted vegetables with a nice balsamic reduction. Scallops are such a nice neutral entree you can go many different directions to accompany them and not go wrong no matter which one you decide to take. I wonder where my next stop will take me. Mhh? Care to come along? Continue reading

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