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There are some good reasons why I chose this dish for you today. One I am still trying to focus on the shellfish categories and it dawned on me no set shellfish recipes would be complete without this recipe. The other is I am trying to build the categories by thinnest first and as I saw it clams it was. So when I set out to do a clam recipe I thought of different ways you can do clams I have done a baked one, a clam fritter one and it dawned on me to do something with steamed clams and to me that just had to be spaghetti in red clam sauce.

This dish is to seafood what pizza is too well pizza. There are a few very traditional Italian pasta dishes and many do feature seafood let’s face it – it has water on three side it is no doubt seafood is going to be a big part of the culinary world in a place surround by water. Now just as Italy is big into seafood so is my home of New England and one of my all-time favorite seafood and shellfish in particular is clams. Many people think first of fried clams but they are wonderful steamed and then used in a red sauce.

Many people don’t know that New England has a pretty big Italian-American population and as such Italian food plays a big part in our cuisine. Also having four kids I am always looking to stretch the family food budget so pasta is a good way to do that and you know my boys love their meat so I need to bring something to that pasta other than just tomatoes or mom is in the dog house. So clams in red sauce to the rescue. Now I leave the clams in the shells to give them something to do other than just shovel it in so that is why mine has them all in the shells. You can by all means remove the shells if you like and just serve the clam meat with the sauce if you prefer. Continue reading

Lately I have been on a one woman mission (well with some help from staff) to round out most of my sites or expand into areas I haven’t covered like my new Tex-Mex category on my Mexican food site. Looking around seafood it seems to me the area I need the most help or coverage expansion in is the shellfish categories so I am trying to focus on that and that lead me to today’s post for a New England girl’s take on a classic cross between an Italian recipe and baked stuffed clam recipe.

Here in Connecticut we have the luxury of being right next-door to Rhode Island which is a major source for clams and seafood in general as is most of New England. New England has a long maritime and fishing history so we have the luxury of being fairly close in distance compared to western states (although Northern Maine is a hike) so it is quick from boat and dock to store. Now this site as all my current sites were created a little bit ago by taking my old network of about 45 niche sites and combining them into a few more focused mega niches.

Well seafood is no different its core came from my fish site, crab site, LA Seafood, and shrimp site and I merged these all together and thus hence going forward tried to fill in the blanks and so far I am fairly happy with the direction they have all taken it has been a huge project taking years of recoding (old sites were all hand coded) as where the new ones are all on word press so I could make them more social. Now we are looking forward to growing from this major step and as such it offers a lot more opportunity to share a wider verity of taste and recipes with you and still stayed focused on the main themes. Continue reading

Growing up in Southern New England has it charms I remember being a kid and waiting for fall, why? Fall meant the Big E, billed as the great New England State Fair as all six of the New England states participated in it. Now having been in northern Connecticut gave me great access to this and one of the features of this is each state had a state building with things representative of that state. Well Rhode Island is known for clams and one thing that was always available in each state building were samples of traditional cuisine I mean Maine had backed potatoes of course, Vermont maple pretty much everything and Rhode Island clam cakes or fritters oh they were so good.

These buildings were among the busiest at the fair and for good reason what is one of the biggest joys of any fair – the food ah dah! Now I would always get my parents to get me my own bag of these piping hot freshly made clam fritters. They are such a good balance of dough and yummy clams. So when I started this seafood site it was inevitable I had to cover and get around to doing my own version of this long love affair with Rhode Island and clam fritters.

One of the beauties of this part of the country is it is so accessible and there are so many things within a few hours’ drive I mean the ocean just a stones throw away. The Americas Cup still belongs home in Newport in my opinion, the ski areas of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine a coast bountiful in ocean fresh seafood. Home grown dairy farms at almost every turn and the wonderful treats they produce. And an autumn that is set afire with a breathtaking display of color second to no other place on earth so I truly am blessed by location. And as part of that deep history is my love for food and a region blessed with nature’s bounty. Continue reading

This hearty chowder is rich and creamy. It is made with various kinds of seafood. To get a nice balance, we are using clams, fish filets, shrimp, scallops, and calamari or baby octopus, but this is good with any kind of seafood, so you could use more fish filets and less seafood, or even a thawed package of raw mixed seafood if you prefer to do that.

In addition to the seafood, we are using cream cheese, milk and condensed cream of mushroom soup to get a nice creamy base, along with green onion, corn, carrots and potatoes to make it heartier. We are using garlic, cayenne and black pepper to add more yummy flavor. It is your choice whether to use whole, reduced fat or nonfat dairy in this recipe, and you might also with to try a different flavor of cream soup, such as cheese or celery.

This is a simple dish to prepare, and you can get started right away by combining the cream cheese, garlic and milk, before adding the vegetables and flavorings. Then the chowder is allowed to simmer for a while, so take that time to prepare your seafood by removing any bones or skin, cleaning whatever needs to be cleaned, and chopping anything which is too large like the calamari or fish filets. The seafood will only take about 10 minutes to cook so that goes in near the end of the cooking time. This chowder is great served with bread or crackers. Continue reading

The following recipe might call for fresh clams, but you can use canned minced clams instead, if you want to save time or cannot get the fresh kind. Use a 6½ oz can and drain off all except a tablespoon of the juice. Fresh clams should be kept in the refrigerator covered with a damp towel. If you have dug your own, keep them covered with seawater in a bucket, and discard any broken or cracked ones.

This recipe makes ten stuffed clams, so feel free to double it if you want more. A stuffed clams recipe is always a hit when served as an appetizer and this is a recipe which smells as delicious as it tastes. The aroma from the oven while these are baking is amazing. Served hot from the oven with some lemon wedges and sweet mustard, this dish will make your dinner guests exclaim “yum!” as soon as they catch sight of them.

Nobody can resist the allure of stuffed clams and your homemade ones are going to taste better than anything you have ever tasted in a seafood restaurant. This is not a complicated recipe at all, but the results are phenomenal and you will want to make this again and again. Continue reading

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