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There are a lot of ingredients in this recipe but don’t let that scare you off they are all pretty straightforward it is just to make sure we end up with a crab leg appetizer that will leave a lasting impression on your guest. This is a very nice way to serve shellfish such as crab, lobster, and or shrimp leave a tiny bit of the shell on the end for appearance sake it looks really cool in contrast to the tempura batter which fries up nice and light and is very soft in its flavor.

With many seafood items you want to be careful when frying not to overpower the seafood as much of it is very delicate in flavor and a strong batter just drowns out the taste of the seafood and that is not the object of the batter is to compliment the food not overwhelm it. Crab especial is one to take note of as of the shellfish it is probably one of the most delicate in flavor although in the boiling process in this recipe we do introduce some bold flavors.

I give you the recipe for an Asian dipping sauce I have used in the past but you could also or instead serve these with typical tarter sauce or cocktail sauce if you prefer with or without extra horseradish in it depending on how you like the heat level in it. Personally of the cocktail sauces we like the “Ken’s Steak House Cocktail Sauce” if not making our own and with extra horseradish too and it is also nice with shrimp. Continue reading

This recipe shows you how to combine shrimp with crabmeat to make the most delicious, crispy, fried wontons. We are using shrimp and crabmeat along with cheese, Old Bay seasoning, Worcestershire sauce and a little mayonnaise to get the consistency right. Inspired by Chinese cuisine, this wonton recipe could not be simpler to prepare.

We are using canned seafood here, to make things easier, but if you prefer to use fresh seafood ensure you remove all bits of shell and cook the seafood through before preparing the filling. You can use any kind of cheese in here, perhaps a Mexican blend or some kind of Monterey Jack mix. Using cheese is not typically Chinese but more Chinese fusion. However, so many people love how the cheese tastes along with the seafood, so we are using it here.

The filling should be about the same texture as tuna salad, so you can spoon it into the wonton wrappers without it being a runny mess, so just add a little mayo at a time. Serve these hot, as soon as you have drained them on paper towels and let them sit for 5 minutes. They will be incredibly hot in the center so ensure you do let them rest for a few minutes before serving. These can be served just as they are or perhaps with a sweet chili dipping sauce, as you prefer. Serve them as a tasty appetizer before the main dish, or else make them as a Superbowl appetizer or similar. Continue reading

California rolls with imitation crabmeat is just what you need to make a dinner party classy. Make these California rolls with imitation crabmeat for your next get-together. You don’t have to go out to have real sushi like this, and the flavor is just amazing. Learn how to make these little sushi rolls and you will be the belle of the ball, with everyone admiring your cooking knowhow. This is a great recipe for sushi and hard to get wrong.

California Rolls

Grab some floor pillows, take off your shoes, and have a seat around the coffee table to enjoy this simply divine California Roll. A true maki-sushi, meaning; sushi made inside out. Delicate sweet rice, succulent crab, luscious, creamy avocado and crisp crunchy cucumber lends a hand to create a taste sensation unmatched in freshness.

Delicious, light and so divinely refreshing. As the Japanese would say, Oishii – meaning Yummy in Japanese! Simple, yet absolutely delicious when served with fresh pickled ginger, also called gari. Continue reading

Steaming is a great cooking method for Maryland blue crab. Not only does it result in tender, succulent flesh, but it also means you can flavor the steaming liquid and this flavor will soak into the crab, giving it a subtle yet very nice taste. The following recipe calls for beer, vinegar, salt and seafood seasoning to act as the steaming liquid, and these flavors are fantastic with the crab.

You can use a different kind of crab if Maryland blue crab is unavailable, but you might need to omit the salt if you are using something from the salty Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf instead of the Chesapeake Bay, because the cooked crab will end up being too salty. Another idea is to steam fish such as cod or tilapia. You will get the same flavor. Use 1/3 of the ingredients per ½ pound of fish. This is nice to use for delicate filets which would disintegrate on the grill.

This recipe is the best way to prepare Maryland blue crab if juicy, moist crabmeat is important to you. The flavors work incredibly well together and this makes a fantastic meal for any season or occasion. Continue reading

King crabs, which are also known as stone crabs, are a superfamily of crab-like decapod crustaceans mainly found in colder seas. There are over a hundred and twenty different species. Because they are so big and have such tasty meat, a lot of species are widely caught and sold for food, the most popular being the red king crab for its flavor. Also popular is the blue king crab, which has giant claws and sweet meat, and the milder-tasting golden king crab which is smaller than the other two.

There are fishing requirements for king crab, as with almost all seafood. They have to be a certain size and only the males are kept for food. King crab legs have a size rating, like shrimp. They are measured by how many legs make up ten pounds, so if the box is labeled 6-9 for example, that means in a ten pound box you can expect to get between six and nine crab legs. King crabs are rich in protein and are carb-free and nearly fat-free.

There are various ways to reheat the crab legs (king crab legs are almost always bought cooked and frozen) including steaming, grilling, or boiling. Baking is another good method and this is especially good if you want to make king crab legs for a crowd. The legs are quite big so they can be difficult to fit in a stockpot. When serving these, make sure you provide some nutcrackers or lobster crackers. You will need them to get into some parts of the crab shells. Continue reading

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