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Crab Salad

Crab cakes are often served with lemon wedges, tartar sauce, or just by themselves, but in the following recipe the crab cakes are served on a bed of salad leaves with some chili sauce. The crab cakes themselves are spiced up with chili sauce in the actual crab cake mixture, and they are also flavored with cilantro. The finished crab cakes are served with salad leaves which contrast nicely with the spicy flavor in the crab cakes, along with some extra chili sauce. Serve the extra sauce on the side to people can spice their own meal up as much as they want.

This crab cake salad makes an indulgent lunch or a flavorful appetizer. You can even serve it for dinner if you fancy something lighter than usual. Homemade crab cakes are so much nicer than anything you can buy readymade from the store. These crab cakes are really flavorful and adding a tasty mixed leaf salad to go with them offers a nutritious meal which is good for you as well as flavorful.

If you are not keen on the spicy element then of course you can omit the chili sauce from the recipe and offer something like a lemon mayonnaise on the side instead, or even classic tartar sauce. Continue reading

Russian crab salad is a very simple mixture of crab and sour cream. It is often garnished with fresh parsley and served with bread. This is known in Russia as crabmeat charka. When times were tough, the Russians used to swap half the crabmeat for blanched, shredded white cabbage. This tasty salad is nice served by itself or used to top baked potatoes or to fill sandwiches, but in the following recipe it is shaped into stacks, along with layers of imitation crab (for color and also to complement the flavor) and grated cheese for a nice contrast.

You can use any type of cheese you want, although a mature Cheddar does go especially well with the crab. The imitation crab is flavored with a delicious lime and ginger dressing. Although you can make the dressing at the same time as making the rest of the salad, the flavor is smoother and more intense if you make it a day or two in advance.

This is a nice dressing to use for any shellfish salad actually, so you might like to keep the recipe and try it with your next lobster or shrimp salad. You can use fresh or canned crabmeat for the Russian crab salad but make sure it is well drained of all water first. Canned crabmeat is usually swimming in liquid so you will need to sieve this off. Continue reading

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This is one of those salads that just require a little chopping and mixing. Before you know it, you can sit down to eat. You can make this salad, including the dressing, in literally minutes. You can use either real crab or imitation crab in this delicious crab meat salad. Think of a good dinner salad at your favorite restaurant with large cucumber slices, peppers, and tomatoes; now add crab. This is something you can just throw together at the last minute when you are pressed for time.

Use this salad as an excuse to visit your local farmers’ market. You will get sweet cucumbers, vine ripened tomatoes and bell peppers and even some excellent lettuce if you want a nice green base to your salad. You are not only supporting your local farmers, you are getting excellent, fresh produce the same day it was picked. This is the best way to get nutritious produce besides growing it yourself.

When choosing bell peppers, look for bright, vibrant color and fresh green stems. Do not choose any with blemished or wrinkled skin. Seed them carefully before you chop them for your salad. You can cut them in rings, squares, or strips. When choosing tomatoes, look at the stem. Light colored stems are on tomatoes that were recently picked. Darker stems indicate the tomato has been stored for awhile. If there is a yellow ring around the stem, the tomato may not yet be completely ripe. Just set it on your counter for a day or two and it will ripen quickly. Continue reading

This delicious gourmet surimi salad can also be made with fresh crab. The dressing is a nice mixture of herbs, seasonings, and citrus juices with a bit of an Asian flavor. The crab or surimi should be the freshest you can get. The salad itself is made up of greens, vegetables and kumquats, which provide a refreshing tart flavor.

Kumquats are small, tart citrus fruit that can be enjoyed raw. They have a thin, sweet rind while the inside of the fruit is sour and salty. Some people only eat the rind or they will eat the entire fruit at once. We dare to slice the kumquats so you get the beautiful visual of the inside of the fruit and you get to enjoy both the sweet rind and the tart pulp. Kumquats are often made into preserves, jelly, used as garnish or in cocktails.

Serve this salad as a main course for a formal luncheon or you can serve it as an appetizer salad at a formal meal. It is full of gourmet flavors that you will want to savor in an environment that lets you truly concentrate on your food. The combination of the kumquats with the crab or surimi is definitely one to savor. The flavors complement each other extremely well, bringing out the best in all of them. This salad is rather spicy with the sriracha sauce and the peppers; if you would prefer to tone it down, you can substitute another ingredient with a milder flavor. If you do like it spicy, you will really enjoy this combination. Continue reading

Many people use salads to help them lose weight. You could eat pretty well on a salad diet with a little planning. It is easy to get all the food groups represented in various salad recipes. This particular salad includes meat, several vegetables, lemon juice, and a delicious dressing. This recipe is extremely simple to make. You can use either real crab or imitation crab for a delicious dish.

Make the most of asparagus season with this delicious crab salad. Look for bright green spears that are firm to the touch. They should not be bendable. Avoid spears that are twisted, flattened, or woody. The tops should be tightly closed. Dark green or purple colorations on the tip are fine. Yellow or dried tips are indications that the asparagus is old. The diameter of the spears is not important to the quality, so select the size you like best. Asparagus does not keep for very long, so use it soon after purchase.

White wine Worcestershire sauce is a variation on normal Worcestershire sauce. It is lighter in color and a little bit thicker. It goes well with chicken, pork, fish, vegetables, and seafood due to the white sauterne wine added to its recipe. If you cannot find it near you, you can make a substitute for it by combining 1-½ tablespoons dry sherry, ½ teaspoon cider vinegar, ¼ teaspoon salt, and ¼ teaspoon sugar. This is an easy way to add a delicious, complex flavor to the dressing without a lot of effort. Continue reading

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