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In my house of guys beef is almost sacred and the thought of messing with their beloved cow burgers is fighting words especially if you tell them it is going to be fish for diner. Now the one exception to this rule is salmon they all like it and I can get them to walk away from cow for a night by serving up these grilled salmon burgers. Even the pickiest of them is onboard with grilled pineapple it is just so sweet and juice and offers the perfect balance to the barbecue sauce and the Dijon mustard.

I love the technique of a thin layer of Dijon mustard and then drizzled with agave on it. I use to do it with honey but with my husband becoming diabetic it was a nice discovery to use the agave is a real good switch out for the honey. If you have not had the chance or inkling to try it before it is really a good sweetener (except in coffee my husband tells me) it’s kind of a cross between honey and sugar so it will take care of any sweet tooth out there but it is so much more diabetic friendly.

To round this out I had to sneak some avocado in I just love them and with the other stuff in there even the guys will go for it. I personally like the little hass avocadoes better then the bigger ones I think they have a nicer flavor but you use whatever kind you like. Now I cubed it in my recipe but you could always take and slice them and toss them on the grill along with the other stuff. Grilled avocado is lovely and another one of those things most don’t think of at first but it really is worth a try to see which you like better. Now it is easier to slice them in half the long way and remove the seed but if you want burger type rings use a serrated knife and cut them across then just take a paring knife make a small slit in the skin and peel it around and push out the seed bit from the middle. Slightly less ripe avocados work better for grilling then real ripe ones. Continue reading

One of the classic mom dishes going back into at least the fifties is the good old tuna noodle casserole. Moms have been making this for generations of unsuspecting kids in an attempt to get them to eat fish I surmise none the less some of these were questionable at best, others ok, and a few like the following recipe just downright it didn’t matter that there was fish in it – it was good. One of the ways to get kids to eat tuna casserole is to make sure it has cheese in it this is a big way toward faking them out that it is mac and cheese.

Another way to make a big improvement to the standard tuna casserole is most people use the chunk light tuna which is a lower grade. Because it is much cheaper than solid white, but there is a huge difference in the quality and fishiness taste of the two. Solid white is so much better it is like any other meat you usually benefit in the quality department and the taste department upgrading the meat you use in your recipes. Now this isn’t always the case. Sometimes like when using it in your crockpot the cheaper meat can actually be better because the fat content lends better to the slow cooking process.

If you want to make one big change in your recipes and improve the overall response you get to your cooking in general upgrade your ingredients to a better grade of almost anything. The same can be said for the difference between many generic brands and a name brand and in fact some name brands I insist on because the level of quality is far superior to that of a generic where the quality control isn’t always as good. Now if you are on a budget and who isn’t these days one of the things you can do is search out new source of product in your area in mine we have a meat wholesaler that has a store in its plant and the prices and quality of meat are far better than that of any of our supermarkets so for less money I can buy better grades of meat. Continue reading

Growing up in New England there are a few foods you come to know well some of these are clam chowder, Yankee pot roast, and maple syrup. And if you want the best in maple syrup any true New Englander will tell you it comes from Vermont. Not that stuff they sell you that is made of chemicals and corn syrup but from good old Vermont maple trees and boiled for hours until it is thick and so naturally sweet. If you haven’t tried it you will never go back to that other stuff once you do – there really is no substitute.

Now not too far from Vermont’s maple groves is the Great Lakes region of New York where every year the salmon run from Lake Ontario up the Salmon River to spawn when you can go catch salmon the size of a small dog. The beauty of this is it is prime fishing and just like there is no substituting fake syrup for real wild fresh caught salmon is so much better too.

Having a husband that was a fisherman was wonderful every fall we would stock up on salmon and I am talking filets and steaks that were just heavenly. Now so the animal rights crowd doesn’t beat up on us they die after spawning so catching them isn’t a harmful thing they’re dead shortly anyways and all the fish cleaning station collect the eggs which go to the hatcheries to recycle another generation. This year my twins as part of their middle school science project help hatch and release salmon in our state and I can’t wait until they come back to the size they are in New York. Continue reading

There are times when a simple fish sandwich is just what you want, but other times when you are feeling really hungry and want something a little more filling. This recipe is made with tilapia, a homemade tomato and shrimp sauce, bread, and your favorite side dishes, so it is perfect for a hearty lunch or for a comfort food dinner.

The tilapia and shrimp may be fresh or frozen, but if you plan to use thawed seafood ensure it is fully thawed and pat it dry with paper towels, since seafood holds on to a lot of water when frozen. The tilapia is flavored simply with salt and black pepper, although many people like to add chili powder and/or paprika for a bit of a kick. It is pan-fried in olive oil until perfectly cooked. Make the sauce while the fish is cooking.

For the sauce you need tomatoes, green onion, garlic, lemon juice and clam juice. The sauce goes on the bread and then it is topped with the tilapia. You can then put the other piece of bread on to make a closed sandwich, or present it as an open sandwich instead, like in the photo. Toasting the bread before adding the sauce means the sauce should not soak through the bread right away and make it soggy, although you might want to eat this with a knife and fork since it can be messy! This unusual dish teams tilapia with shrimp – both economically priced seafood options, especially if purchased frozen. Continue reading

A burger made with fish makes a change from a standard meat-based burger, and you also get to enjoy some variety. We are using haddock in this recipe because it is more economical than cod or salmon, yet tastes really nice. Homemade burgers with tasty toppings are sure to provide the whole family with a treat at dinnertime.

We are coating the haddock in a seasoned batter. You can either use light beer (or regular beer for a richer color and flavor) to make the batter, or if you do not want to use beer you can use club soda instead. We also like to add paprika for color and flavor. The fish is fried in your choice of oil, then allowed to drain on paper towels while you prepare the toppings. Lettuce, tomato and onion slices all work, along with tartar sauce, mayo or ketchup.

You can serve some lemon wedges with the fish so people can squeeze lemon juice over it, and consider serving this dish with some homemade coleslaw or potato salad on the side. Although we chose to use haddock because it is tasty and economical, this is a recipe which would work with any kind of boneless, skinless fish filets, so if you want to use salmon, cod, hake, roughy, or another type of sturdy (not too delicate) fish, go ahead, because the burgers will be just as tasty. You can use thawed fish as long as you dry it very well on paper towels before starting with the recipe. Continue reading

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