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Make your own Mexican baked fish recipe using any fish you like. This is a great way to serve up some spicy seafood for a great dinner that the whole family will enjoy. Make simple dinner recipes using fish for a low fat, low calorie meal that you can feel good about. After the holidays is a good time to stock up on your baked fish filet recipes so you can trim down without sacrificing any flavor, because such meals can be tasty as well as healthy, offering you the best of both worlds and satisfying your hunger without depriving you of your favorites.

Baked fish seasoned with spicy salsa, pitted and sliced avocado and sour cream sets the stage for this really great dish you will simply fall in love with. The simplicity of the directions and ingredients offer the opportunity to give your family a delicious and nutritious meal that is ready in as few as 20 minutes. Yes, from start to finish your thawed filets are transformed into a superb Mexican masterpiece your whole family will adore! Serve alongside a generous helping of refried beans, rice, and avocado dip blended with chopped onions and tomato and mayonnaise. Add warmed tortillas as the grand finale.

Everyone likes Mexican food and most of us enjoy eating fish. In fact I have served this recipe to a friend who is a devout anti-fish eater. She took one bite and was in love. Try making this tonight and you will agree it is simply delicious. In addition it provides the family with many omega-3 vitamins, not to mention the calcium, vitamins C, K and D, and protein as well, and those are just a few of the nutrients this dish offers. This baked fish is a great comfort food, so you can feel good knowing your family is eating something perfectly balanced. Continue reading

Homemade croquettes are made all over the globe, but they are especially well-loved in Spain. They come in different varieties and might contain ham or chicken in a béchamel sauce. They are then breaded and fried until crispy. Cheese or prawns might be used instead of the meat or, as in the following recipe, cod fish. You can buy salted cod for this or use cod which has been desalted.

If you are using salt which has not been desalted, you will have to do it yourself by soaking the salt cod in water for 24 to 48 hours (depending how salty it is), changing the water a few times. Do this in the refrigerator if the weather is warm. When you have desalted it, break the fish into small pieces with your fingers, removing any bits of bone or skin as you go.

Prepare these in advance if you like and keep them breaded until you are ready to fry them You can also freeze them breaded if you want to make extra. Serve these hot and freshly cooked as an appetizer with aioli (garlic mayonnaise) or your favorite dipping sauce. Most people consider creamy sauces to be best with cod croquettes. Continue reading

Although this recipe calls for cod, you could just as easily use turbot, haddock, tilapia, basa, hake, or another variety. It will affect the flavor of the fish cakes a little but most fish works in this recipe and if you see something on sale then grab it and use that. The result will be almost the same but cost a lot less to make.

These lovely little treats are flavored with parsley and onion, and they also contain potatoes an egg to hold them together. The patties are pan-fried to give the outside a delicious golden brown color and introduce some crunch. Pan-frying also means you can keep an eye on them and see when they are done.

It is important to let the tartar sauce sit in the refrigerator for at least an hour before you use it. If you taste it as soon as you have made it and then again after an hour or so, you will be quite surprised at how the taste mellows out and improves. Once you have found out how easy it is to make tartar sauce you will never want to buy the bottle kind again. Continue reading

Perhaps you are quite new to cooking fish and wondering where to begin. There are lots of cooking methods for fish, such as grilling, poaching, or steaming, and lots of types of fish, so no wonder picking one out might be confusing.

One of the tastiest fish has to be cod and one of the simplest cooking methods is pan-frying, so in the following recipe we will be pan-frying cod filets for brilliant results. This recipe features garlic and lemon, to add aromatic flavors, and you can team the cod with broccoli, green beans, rice, potatoes, or any other side dish you like. Check the cod for bones before you cook it. Although technically a filet is boneless you can still find the occasional bone, so run your fingers along the filet to see if you can feel any. If so, just pick them out.

The gentle flavors in this easy cod recipe give it a homemade charm. Although crispy deep-fried fish and chips are always good, pan-frying the fish gives it a different result and this cooking method is very simple, even for cooking novices, since you can keep a close eye on the cod filet as it cooks and see when it is done. Continue reading

The beer batter on the fish gives it a really crunchy texture and this is such a great recipe. Not only is this simple to make but it smells amazing while cooking and the flavor is great. Making your own ‘chips’ means they will be really good and if you usually buy frozen fries then you will appreciate the fresher flavor of homemade ones. Although this recipe calls for cod, you could use any firm, white-fleshed fish, such as tilapia or pollock. Cod is the classic choice though.

Serve this fish and chips recipe with salt and malt vinegar, for an authentic taste of Britain, as well as onion rings or salad if you like, and tartar sauce on the side. Other popular side dishes for this meal in Britain include baked beans, peas, or coleslaw. Swap the lemon pepper in the recipe for cayenne if you want to spice the batter up a bit.

Make sure the oil is the correct temperature; that is very important when making a deep-fried recipe. If it is too hot you will burn the batter and chips. If it is not hot enough your fish and chips will absorb too much oil and turn out soggy. Continue reading

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