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Fish Sandwiches

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In my house of guys beef is almost sacred and the thought of messing with their beloved cow burgers is fighting words especially if you tell them it is going to be fish for diner. Now the one exception to this rule is salmon they all like it and I can get them to walk away from cow for a night by serving up these grilled salmon burgers. Even the pickiest of them is onboard with grilled pineapple it is just so sweet and juice and offers the perfect balance to the barbecue sauce and the Dijon mustard.

I love the technique of a thin layer of Dijon mustard and then drizzled with agave on it. I use to do it with honey but with my husband becoming diabetic it was a nice discovery to use the agave is a real good switch out for the honey. If you have not had the chance or inkling to try it before it is really a good sweetener (except in coffee my husband tells me) it’s kind of a cross between honey and sugar so it will take care of any sweet tooth out there but it is so much more diabetic friendly.

To round this out I had to sneak some avocado in I just love them and with the other stuff in there even the guys will go for it. I personally like the little hass avocadoes better then the bigger ones I think they have a nicer flavor but you use whatever kind you like. Now I cubed it in my recipe but you could always take and slice them and toss them on the grill along with the other stuff. Grilled avocado is lovely and another one of those things most don’t think of at first but it really is worth a try to see which you like better. Now it is easier to slice them in half the long way and remove the seed but if you want burger type rings use a serrated knife and cut them across then just take a paring knife make a small slit in the skin and peel it around and push out the seed bit from the middle. Slightly less ripe avocados work better for grilling then real ripe ones. Continue reading

There are times when a simple fish sandwich is just what you want, but other times when you are feeling really hungry and want something a little more filling. This recipe is made with tilapia, a homemade tomato and shrimp sauce, bread, and your favorite side dishes, so it is perfect for a hearty lunch or for a comfort food dinner.

The tilapia and shrimp may be fresh or frozen, but if you plan to use thawed seafood ensure it is fully thawed and pat it dry with paper towels, since seafood holds on to a lot of water when frozen. The tilapia is flavored simply with salt and black pepper, although many people like to add chili powder and/or paprika for a bit of a kick. It is pan-fried in olive oil until perfectly cooked. Make the sauce while the fish is cooking.

For the sauce you need tomatoes, green onion, garlic, lemon juice and clam juice. The sauce goes on the bread and then it is topped with the tilapia. You can then put the other piece of bread on to make a closed sandwich, or present it as an open sandwich instead, like in the photo. Toasting the bread before adding the sauce means the sauce should not soak through the bread right away and make it soggy, although you might want to eat this with a knife and fork since it can be messy! This unusual dish teams tilapia with shrimp – both economically priced seafood options, especially if purchased frozen. Continue reading

This is a great recipe and you can cook the burgers on the grill. Alternatively use a griddle pan. Whichever you use, just make sure it is lightly greased because you will not want these tasty salmon burgers to stick. We are using salmon filets here, but if you want to use tuna, cod or another kind of fish, go right ahead.

We are serving homemade tzatziki with the salmon burgers and it is well worth making. Tzatziki is made of yogurt, cucumber, garlic, lemon and mint, and it is refreshing and delicious when paired with fish. You can serve these without other condiments and toppings if you want, but adding tomato, lettuce, red onion and even some alfalfa adds further color and texture to the dish, so consider adding these too.

These salmon burgers are rich in omega-3 oil which are important for good health, and they made a tasty change from regular hamburgers, so if you are tired of regular burgers, or you simply want a change, why not make these? You can use regular mayonnaise instead of making the tzatziki if you prefer, to save time. Fresh salmon is the best option to use, but you could use canned salmon if you drain it really well or thawed salmon if you do the same and make sure all the water is well drained before using it, else the patties will not hold together properly. Continue reading

One of the Best Baked Fish Sandwich Recipes

This is the perfect baked fish sandwich recipe for any occasion and makes a quick and easy light lunch for the whole family. You can have a low calorie, low fat baked fish sandwich for lunch instead of a hamburger and other greasy, fatty foods. This is the perfect recipe for anyone on a diet. Make your own baked fish sandwich with this awesome recipe.

Baked Fish Sandwich

It is lunch time and you need to eat. You do not want something to heavy, as this will make you want to curl up and go to sleep. You have several choices to choose from but none are to appealing. Why not have a baked fish sandwich for lunch?

Fish is very good for you because it has Omega 3 fatty acids which helps your heart and other organs. It is also loaded with protein, vitamins, and nutrients and what is even more exciting is that it is low in fat, carbohydrates, and cholesterol. Continue reading

Dill weed boosts the flavor of many salmon recipes and this one is no exception. In this smoked Alaska salmon clubhouse sandwich recipe, the dill is combined with butter and lemon juice to make a delectable spread for the bread and then the salmon and cucumber is added. This is quite a simple recipe so if you are looking for easy fish recipes for a buffet because you need to make a lot of sandwiches, this recipe would be good. You can double, triple or even quadruple it. It’s best to cut the sandwiches diagonally twice (into four little squares) so they are easier to eat but if you are making them for lunch, instead of for a party or buffet, cut them diagonally once so you get bigger triangles. You can serve these on a chilled platter with some decorative lemon wedges if you want.

If you are going to make these in advance, simply arrange them on a platter and wrap plastic around the top. You can keep them in the refrigerator for a few hours. As you might expect, they are best served as soon as you have made them though. Expect these smoked Alaska salmon clubhouse sandwich bites to be very popular. There is something really special about salmon sandwiches. The addition of smoked salmon makes them a real gourmet treat so you will not have any left over.

Use eight slices of salmon instead of four if the slices are small. Just use your own judgment. You do not want to put too much smoked salmon in each sandwich but neither do you want to serve too little. This is a sandwich recipe which is open to adaptation. Try using parsley instead of the dill or lime juice instead of the lemon juice. A tiny bit of paprika in the butter mixture is also good and capers work well with salmon, or even finely sliced pickles. Continue reading

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