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Basa Fish

Basa fish, which is also known as panga, Vietnamese river cobbler, pangasius, or iridescent shark (even though it is not in the shark family!) is one of the cheapest fish you can get. This fish comes from Vietnam and it is in the catfish family. The fish are usually sold in packages of frozen filets and you will find the white flesh to be mild and sweet. Basa fish filets are good for baking, broiling, grilling, or frying. Whitefish is low in fat but high in minerals and protein so if you want to make a low fat fish recipe, basa would be a great ingredient to base it on. You can use a different white fish if you prefer. Cod, haddock, halibut, or tilapia would make good substitutes here. Basa does not flake the way that cod does so if you do not want to miss out on the big flakes you get from fish like cod, feel free to substitute that.

This recipe is so simple, combining the flavors of mustard with lemon juice and mayonnaise, that just about any fish will work. You can use low-fat mayonnaise if you are trying to eat less fat. The result will taste near enough identical. So, what are you going to make as a side dish? If the weather is warm and you are serving the food outside as well as cooking it outside, you might like to grill some vegetables while you are grilling the basa fish recipe. Perhaps you fancy some grilled potatoes or grilled corn on the cob.

Grilled vegetable kabobs always go down well and you can use a variety of vegetables on there. Mushrooms, bell pepper, zucchini, onion, and eggplant are just some ideas. Another idea for a side dish is Spanish rice or your favorite kind of pilaf. Simply combine some vegetables and spices (or herbs) with rice and you can make a very appetizing side dish for this Dijon basa recipe. Plain boiled rice is also fine. Continue reading

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Hi, my name is Christine. I am happy you are visiting today. Food is very important to everyone, and in this family we love to eat all kinds of dishes from meat and chicken to international cuisine, crockpot creations and more. Seafood is something we also love, and I love the fact it is nutritious as well as very tasty.

Everyone knows 'the big three' which are cod, tuna and salmon, but sometimes it is fun to try different types of fish, such as perch, trout, monkfish, or even shellfish like mussels or clams. There are seafood recipes for every season and occasion, those served chilled for a refreshing burst of flavor, and those served hot in stew or soup form.

Choose from crispy fried fish, tender pan-fried or poached cuts, or what about a seafood medley boasting the most wonderful flavors of the sea, lake or river? Seafood can be served as part of a salad or savory dish, or it can be served as an appetizer or snack. Bacon-wrapped scallops, anyone? You will find a comprehensive collection of wonderful seafood recipes right here, for your inspiration and enjoyment.

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