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Halibut Recipes

A Look at Halibut and Halibut Recipes

Halibut is a favorite fish of many and can be prepared in a variety of delicious ways. There are lots of ways to prepare halibut besides the usual fried or grilled. This fine fish is always good. It varies in weight from two pounds to three hundred pounds. The flesh is a pearly white in a perfectly fresh fish. A fifty to seventy-five pound fish is the best as larger ones can be dry. The small fish are called chicken halibut.

When fresh, the skin and scales will be bright, the eyes full and clear, the fins stiff and the body firm. If there is a bad odor, or if the fish is soft and dark, or has dim, sunken eyes, it is not fit to use.

There are, for the most part five ways of cooking fish and yet some fish are best served certain ways only. Halibut is one of the few fish that tastes great no matter how it is prepared.

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One reason this is such a simple dish to make is that the fettuccine is left to cook while you make the sauce in a second pan. The fettuccine can be left to cook by itself and in case it is ready early, you just need to drain it and cover the pan to keep it warm. The sauce is made in the second pan, and that is a delicious combination of halibut, vegetables, garlic, seasonings, and extra-virgin olive oil.

There is nothing more to add. Many similar recipes call for tomato sauce, canned tomatoes, or some kind of creamy or vegetable-based sauce, but this one relies on the classic, elegant flavor of extra-virgin olive oil, to bind everything together, and it works. The dish is finished off with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese (always use freshly grated parmesan, never the powdered stuff) and served hot.

Using good quality ingredients is paramount here, so choose top quality bell pepper, garlic and onion, as well as a top quality fresh parmesan cheese. Using oil instead of a sauce means the flavor of the fish and veggies will be very apparent, so ensure they are up to scratch, since there will not be anything to mask their natural flavors. Continue reading

Former Easy Fish Recipe Featured Recipe

This wonderful recipe combines crispy baked fish with an interesting bean salad recipe. There are some side dishes which often seem to make an appearance whenever fried or baked fish is served and those include onion rings, fries, mushrooms, peas, or a green salad. There is nothing wrong with serving classic favorites but sometimes it is nice to make something a little different and that is why the following recipe for parmesan-crusted halibut and bean salad is so great.

The fish is dipped in a milk and egg mixture and then in flour which has been flavored with paprika and parmesan. This gives it a nice crunchy outside as well as plenty of flavor. The fish is baked in a very hot oven until it is opaque. Make sure you do not overcook the fish or it will go dry.

The bean salad can be make the day before you need it. You could make it just before you need it but, for better blended flavors, make it in advance. You can use any kind of beans for this, as well as red onion, sun-dried tomatoes and some other flavorful seasonings. Continue reading

Halibut are both farmed and caught in the wild. They are rather not especially attractive fish if you look at them whole but they do taste good and that is the most important thing. These flatfish weigh around twenty five pounds but they can weigh up to seven hundred and thirty pounds so you do not often see whole ones for sale! This is the largest variety of flatfish. The flesh of a halibut is creamy white in color and the flavor is sweet and mild.

This fish taco recipe is light and the combined flavors are delicious. They make a great lunch or delightful appetizers. You can vary the ingredients if you have a fondness for other typical Mexican ingredients like queso blanco, avocado, or tomato. Just throw in anything you like and the flavors are sure to work. If you want to know how to make fish tacos, this is quite a simple recipe to follow and the results will definitely impress.

Baked halibut is added to cabbage slaw, corn kernels and black beans for a wonderful corn taco filling. You could switch the black beans and corn for salsa and guacamole if you prefer. Also, corn tortillas are nice instead of flour ones if that is what you have. Fish tacos are a Mexican dish and make a good alternative to the more common chicken or beef tacos. In addition, do not assume that the tortilla wraps for tacos have to be deep-fried until they are hard and U-shaped; that’s Taco Bell style, not authentic Mexican style. Continue reading

This baked halibut recipe is deceptively simple and uses only a few ingredients to add flavor but the results are amazing. The wasabi mayonnaise adds both delicate and sharp flavors and the crumbs make the outside crispy. If you enjoy breaded fish, why not take it to the next level by creating a deliciously spiced crust on one side of your fish filets and baking them to perfection? This recipe is simple and you just need to spread the spicy mixture over the fish and bake it for fifteen minutes. What could be simpler? Even if you are totally new to cooking fish you will find this recipe a joy to prepare.

Wasabi is very strong so if you are making your own wasabi mayonnaise, add a tiny bit at a time until it tastes good. The same goes for red pepper flakes and you will only need a pinch to add flavor. You can leave the red pepper out of the recipe if you want and just use the wasabi for spicing the fish up.

This baked halibut recipe is very good served with some seasonal steamed vegetables and boiled rice. A simple salad would be a good serving suggestion too. You can serve this recipe with lemon wedges if you do not have any limes. The citrus just goes nicely with the fish so use whatever you happen to have in the refrigerator. Continue reading

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