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Saltwater Fish Recipes

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A burger made with fish makes a change from a standard meat-based burger, and you also get to enjoy some variety. We are using haddock in this recipe because it is more economical than cod or salmon, yet tastes really nice. Homemade burgers with tasty toppings are sure to provide the whole family with a treat at dinnertime.

We are coating the haddock in a seasoned batter. You can either use light beer (or regular beer for a richer color and flavor) to make the batter, or if you do not want to use beer you can use club soda instead. We also like to add paprika for color and flavor. The fish is fried in your choice of oil, then allowed to drain on paper towels while you prepare the toppings. Lettuce, tomato and onion slices all work, along with tartar sauce, mayo or ketchup.

You can serve some lemon wedges with the fish so people can squeeze lemon juice over it, and consider serving this dish with some homemade coleslaw or potato salad on the side. Although we chose to use haddock because it is tasty and economical, this is a recipe which would work with any kind of boneless, skinless fish filets, so if you want to use salmon, cod, hake, roughy, or another type of sturdy (not too delicate) fish, go ahead, because the burgers will be just as tasty. You can use thawed fish as long as you dry it very well on paper towels before starting with the recipe. Continue reading

King mackerel is also known as kingfish, and this saltwater fish tastes really good. Sometimes we tend to buy our favorite kinds of fish over and over, perhaps that might tuna or salmon, and ignore what we do not recognize. However trying something new every now and then can reward you with brand new flavors and perhaps a new family favorite.

When trying new foods though, of course you need to know how to cook them. Fortunately in the case of king mackerel that is simple. You can buy this fish in slices or ‘steaks’ because it is a large fish, and they are great for grilling or pan-frying. We are going to pan-fry them here, so you can see how easy and quick this recipe is. Consider serving the fish with a salad or with vegetables, as you prefer.

You will see we are keeping the ingredients very simple, and the reason for that is king mackerel offers such a wonderful taste you will not want to spoil it by over-seasoning. For the same reason, take care not to overcook the fish. It will only take a few minutes per side. Once the fish flakes easily with a fork it is done, so take it off the heat immediately. King mackerel, or kingfish, is a nice meaty fish, just as meaty as tuna or salmon, but offering a slightly different flavor. They are fished off the coast of California and in the Gulf of Mexico, and you can get king mackerel steaks fresh or frozen. Continue reading

This makes a fantastic dinner for a family of four. Everyone will love the combination of mussels, shrimp and fish in this creamy pie, along with the leek and dill weed. Topped with a layer of cheese and then a layer of creamy mashed potato, this is a winning dish. You can even add a layer of chopped hard-cooked eggs between the cheese and potatoes.

This is actually a very simple dish to make, and you are going to make it in layers. First you have the creamy fish and seafood mixture and then the cheese. The mashed potatoes go on top. Make the mashed potatoes first and blanch the leeks too, then prepare the fish and seafood sauce. Get the oven nice and hot and you can spoon the fish mixture and other layers in to a baking dish. Use a spoon or fork to make patterns in the mashed potato topping.

This needs to cook until it is piping hot and the mashed potato is beginning to turn golden brown on top and crisp at the edges. This is going to be very hot as soon as it comes out of the oven so let it rest for 15 minutes. Although this dish may be served just as it is, you might want to consider some broccoli, corn on the cob or green peas on the side, just to add some more color to the plate. Feel free to use any kind of fish you want. Tilapia and cod in place of the salmon would work, or you can swap the mussels for scallops or the shrimp for imitation crab if you want to. Continue reading

This recipe is very nice if you want a light appetizer. Perhaps you are serving something hearty as your entrée, such as beef or pork, and you do not want to fill up too soon. In that case, this makes a great appetizer. We are serving sea bass carpaccio over mixed salad leaves. The salad leaves are flavored with some citrus and a little sesame oil just to add an exotic taste.

The carpaccio is made by thinly slicing seabass filets. Carpaccio is the Italian word for raw fish. The Japanese would call it sashimi, but these two things are basically the same. Wrap the slices around the salad leaves, and then drizzle our taste citrus dressing over the top. If you have a favorite Asian dressing, drizzle some of that over the plate to add visual appeal and contribute to the overall flavor.

We are finishing the dish with some crispy garlic, to add crunch to an otherwise soft dish, for contrast. The carpaccio-wrapped salad should sit for a few minutes before serving, but that is good because it gives you time to cook the garlic. The simplest way to do this is to heat up some oil in a skillet and throw in the finely-sliced garlic clove. It will turn brown very soon, and then you can remove it from the pan and scatter it over the carpaccio. Get your fishmonger to cut the seabass slices for you, to save time, and to ensure they are uniformly wafer-thin. Continue reading

This is an excellent recipe for fish and chips, and we are using haddock, a favorite in England, to make the dish. Ensure you are starting off with good quality haddock. Smaller filets work particularly well for fish and chips because you will have more texture with the batter. Ensure the fish has no scales when you buy it.

We are flavoring our flour-based batter with lager beer, ale, and a pinch of curry powder. This might sound strange if you usually use a simpler batter recipe, but it offers the right balance of crunch and a typical English fish batter flavor. If you cannot find lager beer or ale, you can use any kind of beer. Leave out the curry powder if you really do not like it, but add a little pinch and you will be surprised how good it makes the batter taste.

As for the chips, we recommend Idaho russet potatoes because they offer a great texture. Try to cut them into even-sized batons. We are twice-frying them, once in medium-hot oil and then again in hot oil. The reason for this is it makes the chips extra-crunchy. Have the oven on a low heat, so you can keep the chips warm while you cook the fish and then you can fry the fish one or two at a time, or even more depending on the size of your fryer. You will be able to see when the fish is cooked because the batter will be golden brown and crispy. Serve the finished dish with lemon wedges and consider tartar sauce, mayonnaise and/or ketchup on the side too. Continue reading

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