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This recipe is about as summery as you can get, and grilling is the perfect cooking method for swordfish. Imagine eating this delicious meal outside while enjoying the sun. This kind of cooking is what summer is all about and swordfish is really popular. Its meatiness means it will not fall through the grill, and pairing it with a light cantaloupe and tomato salsa means you can make a nutritious meal in minutes.

Try not to buy imported swordfish, because it is in low supply and often caught by long-line. A better choice is American swordfish which has been caught by harpoon or hand-line. If you cannot find any kind of swordfish, then make this recipe with tuna, mahi-mahi, or halibut instead.

If you fancy something a bit different, then stir-fry some chopped vegetables (mushrooms, onion, tomatoes, zucchini, and bell pepper would work) for a few minutes, then add a splash of balsamic vinegar and serve your grilled swordfish on top of this mixture instead of the salsa. Either option is good, so it just depends whether you want a chilled side dish or a warm one. Do not let a lack of cantaloupe stop you from making this though. All you really need is the swordfish and a hot grill, and you can serve it with any side dish you want to prepare. Continue reading

Swordfish is a favorite when it comes to fish, and people tend to love its unique texture and flavor. The swordfish is grilled in the following recipe and if you have a charcoal grill this will give it a great smoky taste. The salsa is easy to make and its sweet taste contrasts well with the savory fish. Feel free to include more chili if you like your salsa spicy. Use freshly squeezed lime juice for the best results.

It is important to bear in mind that swordfish is a lean fish, which means it can dry out if you overcook it, like tuna can. For this reason, keep a very close eye on it while it cooks. As soon as the swordfish is no longer glossy in the center it is cooked and further cooking will only dry it out.

So, what is best to serve with this dish? You could try a simple green salad or perhaps some green beans or broccoli on the side or maybe you want to make fries or potato wedges instead. If you are having a barbecue and cooking a variety of foods on the grill, then you could throw some vegetable kabobs or asparagus on there too, or even corn on the cob. Any of those would be great with this easy swordfish recipe. Continue reading

This wonderful recipe is a recipe of contrasts. Not only does it combine two very different types of seafood, but it also combines soft, succulent swordfish with super-crispy fried shrimp. The sauce is a mixture of marmalade, mustard, honey, and Tabasco, giving you plenty of sweetness and fire with it.

This sauce might only contain four ingredients but it is absolutely perfect for the fish and seafood, and it is easy to make as well. The coconut shrimp have a Caribbean touch to them, and they are coated in a coconut, wine, flour and egg mixture. For a different flavor, you can swap the wine for beer.

The swordfish is coated in lime juice and oil before grilling, and this helps to lock in the moisture and give it a tangy flavor too. The swordfish has a totally different texture to the shrimp, and that is why these two components work so well together. If you have ever had surf and turf (steak with shrimp) you will understand how two very different meats or fish (or one meat and one fish) can work so nicely. Continue reading

This wonderful recipe combines simple swordfish with a sweet, spicy, and totally delicious homemade mango salsa. You can increase the amount of chili in the salsa if you want a spicier result. Some people like to use two or even three habaneros when making this, but most find that one gives the salsa a spicy kick without making it too hot. Although the salsa can be served at room temperature, it is also good chilled.

Serve this grilled swordfish recipe with a simple tossed salad on the side if you like, or you could grill some corn on the cob alongside the fish. There are no hard and fast rules about what you can serve and what you cannot serve, but bear in mind the salsa is spicy and sweet, so a contrasting side dish (something mild and not too sweet) would work best.

This Mexican swordfish recipe combines some Mexican staples like cilantro, lime juice and chili pepper, with one of the tastiest fish you can buy, and adds the sweetness of mango and the crunchy goodness of onions and scallions to the mix, to result in a really impressive grilled swordfish recipe which is easy enough for a rookie cook to master yet flavorful and satisfying enough to please the whole family. Continue reading

This tasty swordfish recipe features chive butter, or “beurre blanc” as a sauce. You can keep the chive butter sauce warm in a double boiler for up to four hours if you can stir it from time to time. Do not let it get too cool, else it will separate when you try to warm it through. Do not let it get too hot either, else it will separate. You can use basil, spices, or parsley in place of the chives if you prefer. This butter sauce is known as “beurre blanc” which means “white butter” in French. Use black pepper if that is all you have, although most chefs prefer using white pepper in light-colored sauces, so you do not see the black dots of pepper in the sauce.

It is believed that Clemence Lefeuvre, a French chef, invented beurre blanc by accident at the start of last century. Intending to make a béarnaise sauce for pike, she forgot the egg yolks and tarragon, and ended up with a butter sauce instead. This rich, buttery sauce should be airy and light but thick enough to cling to food. Lemon juice and stock feature in some beurre blanc recipes.

A similar sauce is beurre rouge, which is made with dry red wine instead of white wine. Heated lemon juice and chopped fresh dill instead of the chives also produces a great sauce. The swordfish in this recipe is kept very plain so as not to clash with the chive butter sauce, and this recipe is great served with potatoes or fries, as well as a simple green salad. Continue reading

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