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This recipe calls for quite a few ingredients but using canned crab and shrimp means this is a simplified dish to make, since you will not have to fiddle around with shellfish or spend a lot of money on fresh seafood. Using canned seafood is often fine if you are using it in a flavored sauce. When serving seafood on its own, then it is better to use fresh.

Flounder is also an economical fish. You can actually use any whitefish filets here, so try cod, hake, snapper or tilapia if you prefer. Thawed filets are fine here, as long as you pat them dry with paper towels before you begin. Broiling is a gentle technique, and an alternative to poaching if you want your fish crispy on top. While delicate fish filets are liable to break up on the grill or in a pan, broiling them usually keeps them intact, as long as you use a wide spatula to transfer them to the plates afterwards.

The seafood sauce is made with crab and shrimp, as well as heavy cream and butter for richness, and a little mustard and Cajun seasoning to add a little kick. This is drizzled over the fish and allowed to flow over, resulting in a beautiful-looking, incredible-tasting meal. Serve this over homemade mashed potatoes, for the best results, or swap the potatoes for rice for something different. Continue reading

Although pan-frying is a popular cooking method for flounder because of its thinness, oven-baking also works. The fish filets are very thin so they will be done in five to seven minutes. This is a great recipe to satisfy a hungry family, not only because it is so quick to prepare but also because the flounder has a beautiful flavor. The lemon, garlic, soy sauce and other ingredients all work in harmony to give a sweet yet savory result. The sauce is subtle enough not to overpower the delicate flavor of the flounder filets.

Serve this delicious baked flounder recipe with your favorite kind of salad. Perhaps you fancy a mixed leaf salad, potato salad or you can even toss together your favorite salad ingredients to make a delicious and satisfying side dish. Grated carrot, baby spinach leaves, pineapple chunks, finely chopped cabbage, raisins, green onions, grated cheese, boiled egg and croutons are just some of the ingredients you can combine for a mouthwatering salad.

When buying flounder, check for moist skin and bright full eyes. If you are cooking small flounder, you just need to dry them, dust the fish with seasoned flour, and pan-fry them in half butter and half olive oil. When the first side is crispy, flip them over, and cook the other side. If you have larger fish or filets, the following recipe is really tasty. Continue reading

This delicious recipe is easy to make and the results are really good. The fish is dipped in beaten egg to give it a good, sticky surface, and they you will coat it in a mixture of Bisquick, walnuts and more, for a crispy, crunchy and totally flavorful result. Swap the flounder for orange roughy if you prefer, or any other whitefish filets. You can use whatever fish you want; just make sure it is skinless and boneless.

Whether you are new to making baked fish recipes or a seasoned pro at this type of cookery, it is always nice to stumble upon new ways to cook fish and learn how to add maximum flavor without making the recipe itself too time-consuming to make or complicated to follow. There are a few different ingredients in this recipe but you can adapt it if you want.

The beans are just a suggestion and the mashed potatoes can be swapped for fries or rice easily enough. If you do want to make mashed potatoes, choose a suitable potato. Some potatoes are best for boiling and others are fluffy and will mash well. Check the potato packaging to find out which type is which. Continue reading

This recipe makes a beautiful dinner and it is so fast and easy to make. You can cook the shrimp while the fish is baking and have everything ready at the same time. Use flounder, red snapper, tilapia, orange roughy, or any other firm-fleshed whitefish to make this. If you are on a tight budget, try basa fish. It is one of the most economical fish you can buy but it has a good flavor, especially when dressed up with mustard and lemon, like in the following roasted fish recipe.

The shrimp are pan-fried with butter and garlic and this is a classic way of cooking them. You can cut one open to check they are pink all the way through, else just use your judgment. Shrimp have their own beautiful flavor and you will find that a little garlic really brings out the taste to perfection; you do not need to add anything else to this. Basic fish dishes are usually those which beginners choose to make, before moving on to more advanced ones but, to be honest, a lot of the simplest recipes are also the best ones in terms of balance and overall flavor.

A few salad leaves make a good side dish for this recipe and you can echo the flavors in the fish recipe if you like, by combining some lemon juice, Dijon mustard, garlic and mayonnaise and using that as a dressing. Alternatively, a little lemon juice by itself would make an adequate dressing for the side salad. Continue reading

Flounder has a naturally delicate flavor and texture and most flounder recipes are quite simple. Overpowering the flavor of the fish would be a mistake, so instead a lot of recipes for flounder feature aromatic ingredients like lemon, herbs, garlic, and mild spices, to enhance the natural fish taste rather than try to take over. Some very meaty, strong-tasting fish are also nice with aromatic seasonings but that type of fish would also be able to stand up to bolder flavors, unlike flounder which does better with just a little seasoning and nothing too potent-tasting.

The following grilled flounder recipe features a whole small flounder, although you could use filets instead. If you are using filets, you will not be peeling off the skin so you might like to add some lemon or lime juice, or other seasonings. The skin of the flounder is edible but some people push it off the flesh and do not eat it, so if you season the skin they might not get to taste the seasonings.

Grilled zucchini makes a lovely side dish for this recipe and it is very easy to make. You can make the zucchini strips thicker if you want but bear in mind the thicker they are the longer they will take to cook. It is best to cook the flounder over a moderately low grill. If you are cooking the zucchini separately or the grill is hotter, it will not take as long to become tender or for the grill marks to show. Continue reading

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