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Grouper is a saltwater fish which is similar to sea bass. It is delicate and mild in flavor, making it perfectly malleable for spicy jerk sauces and other strongly flavored ingredients. When looking for recipes for baked grouper, you might like to stick to interesting, spicy recipes because grouper can handle these flavors so well. It really is one of the best fish to use if you want to add plenty of flavor to the dressing or sauce. If you cannot get it, use hake instead; that will give you equally good results. Red snapper would also work.

The fish in this baked jerk grouper recipe is spiced up and then you can add some cherry tomatoes to the dish before cooking it. These add a refreshing flavor to the dish. The addition of lime juice adds a flavor which suits the overall piquancy and these ingredients also add color. Serve this with rice if you like or with boiled potatoes. Fries would also be a good accompaniment with this dish.

The spiciness mellows a bit as this dish cooks so don’t be tempted to reduce the amount of chilies or allspice berries since those are what keeps this dish so authentic! Scotch bonnet chili pepper is the hottest kind of pepper there is, so if you are not keen on spicy dishes, this recipe for baked grouper might not be the recipe for you! If you like spicy fish recipes, you are sure to love this one. Any leftover jerk sauce will keep for a few weeks in the refrigerator. Continue reading

This flavorful recipe for grouper combines juicy grilled fish with garlic spinach and a homemade vinaigrette, which is easy to make because you just need to shake the right ingredients together. You can add some fresh chopped herbs, or even some dried ones, to the vinaigrette if you like. Dill, basil, thyme or anything else you like will be fine. Alternatively just make it as it is and it will be flavorful enough.

Grouper is a nice fish to cook with and it can be cooked in a variety of ways, including pan-frying, grilling, poaching, or baking. The spinach is a tasty choice. For the best results you should triple-wash the spinach and remove the stalks, and then you will just have the flavorful leaves to work with. Cook the spinach in batches, adding some to the pot and waiting for it to wilt before you add more.

As it wilts, the volume gets a lot less, so you will be able to fit it all in one skillet if you let it wilt in stages. Spinach wilts quite fast so start it when you start grilling the fish. If your grill is outdoors and the stove is indoors, you can either get someone else to do the spinach, do it first and keep a lid on it or else use the skillet on the grill, if your grill is big enough to accommodate that as well as the grouper filets. Continue reading

The following recipe is perhaps slightly different to other easy fish recipes but it is no more difficult to make. Also, the end flavor is really good. You can switch the grouper for swordfish, sea bass, hake, or sea trout if you prefer, although grouper is a very satisfying fish.

The following recipe blends rosemary, garlic and a few other seasonings to spice up the grouper perfectly. The rosemary is especially delicious with the fish. To make the side dish, pak choi and rhubarb are combined with butter and garlic. This unusual but tasty rhubarb side dish goes very nicely with the fish. Many people only know rhubarb as a fruit, rather than as a vegetable, although it is used in savory recipes too and actually goes really well with them.

Most sweet recipes featuring rhubarb rely on sugar or another sweetener, whereas if you use rhubarb as a vegetable it really does not need a lot done to it, because its flavor is already good and it does not need to be sweetened if you are making a savory dish. Continue reading

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