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The following recipe shows you how to make your own pickled herring. If you are in a rush or you do not want to make your own, you can also use pickled herring which comes in jars. An eight ounce jar will be sufficient to make four sandwiches. You can use Danish pumpernickel bread instead of the Kaiser rolls if you like it. The herring will keep for up to three weeks in the refrigerator.

Since homemade pickled herring needs to sit for at least three days in the refrigerator before you use it, this recipe is one you will need to plan in advance. The three days are necessary for the fish to absorb the flavors properly. It is important to use sterilized jars for this recipe. Sterilize them in boiling water. Do not forget to sterilize the lids too. Pickled herring is known as matjes in Germany. You can swap the butter for a creamy horseradish sauce if you prefer a more piquant flavor.

It is up to you what you serve this delicious matjes sandwich recipe with, but if you are serving this for lunch you can just serve the sandwiches by themselves, or maybe with some potato salad or coleslaw on the side. Continue reading

Herring is available in different flavors and you can get it in jars in vinegar, in tomato sauce, in dill sauce and in other flavors too. You can use whichever you like for the following herring sandwich recipe, or you can even substitute smoked trout or mackerel. The following recipe uses rye bread for a bold, earthy flavor, and the toppings are cream cheese, apple, cucumber and red onion as well as the fish. Feel free to swap the rye bread for another kind of bread. Since the ingredients are not dry, it is best to either use a sturdy kind of bread or toast a slice of regular bread. Soft bread might become soggy in this recipe.

This is a very simple sandwich. If you want to add a touch of sweetness, drizzle a little honey over the apple before adding the other ingredients. This recipe makes enough for one person as a snack or lunch. If you are serving a salad on the side, this will serve two instead. If you are very hungry, it is very simple to double it. Introducing more fish into your diet is always a good idea, and herring is a very tasty variety. This oily fish, which is rich in vitamin D as well as omega-3 fatty acids, is found in shallow, temperate North Atlantic and North Pacific waters, and also in the Baltic Sea. There are three main varieties of herring and these fish forage, coming in huge schools to European and American shores in the springtime. They are then caught and salted, marinated, smoked or creamed.

Pickled herring is a European delicacy and these herring are cured with salt to draw the water out, and then flavors are added. These flavors are usually vinegar, sugar, salt, peppercorns, raw onions, and bay leaves. Dill and mustard are sometimes included. Raw herring roe can be eaten as sushi and raw herring is popular in Holland, where it is dipped in minced raw onion. Dried herring is eaten in the Philippines for breakfast along with eggs and garlic rice. Continue reading

You can, of course, make this fish sandwich recipe with ready-smoked herring but it might be fun to make your own smoked herring at home. You can use any small, oily fish instead of the herring. Two pounds of fresh herring ends up as one pound of smoked herring, since the moisture is smoked out.

This unusual recipe combines creamy Brie cheese (or you can use Camembert, since they are so similar) with smooth smoked herring to make an unusual yet totally mouthwatering snack. You can use toast instead of bread if you want, or even use crackers, if you are going to serve these at a buffet or party. The fresh herbs add a nice aromatic touch to the recipe and the lemon wedges can either be squeezed over the fish or just used as a garnish.

This tasty treat is ideal as a snack or for lunch, for any occasion and during any season. You can warm the Brie up a little to make it extra aromatic and it might also be a good idea to let the butter come to room temperature before you attempt to smear it over the bread. We all know that rock-hard butter and soft bread do not always work well together. Continue reading

This simple yet delicious salad combines the sharp flavors of pickled herring, grapefruit, and lime with the sweetness of orange juice and the exotic taste of ginger. You can add some white sugar to the vinaigrette if you prefer a sweeter flavor. Some people always add sugar to their salad dressing recipes and other people don’t like it, so taste it when it’s made and see if you like the taste or if you want to sweeten it a little. The salad in the following recipe is a basic combination of lettuce, herring, olives, and corn but, like with most salad recipes, you can add any other ingredients you fancy.

Boiled egg, beets, pickled onions, chopped cooked potatoes or pineapple chunks would go well with this. You can also sprinkle some crispy croutons over the top before serving it. Croutons are just as nice on fish salad recipes as they are sprinkled over hot soup. Choosing a herring salad over a more common one like chicken salad or cheese salad means you are getting protein as well as flavor. All the nutrition experts agree that eating fish in moderation is good for us and there are so many easy fish recipes to choose from that you never need to get bored of the same one.

Fish salad recipes are great in the summertime and eating such a meal outside is fun when the weather is nice. You can use store-bought pickled herrings in this recipe or use your own. Drain them well before topping the lettuce leaves – you do not want to make the salad slimy and the herring will still have the flavor of the liquid from the jar. The grapefruit vinaigrette adds plenty of wonderful zesty taste to this herring salad. Use fresh fruit juices for the best results or, if not, use a good quality, unsweetened fruit juice. Continue reading

This tasty herring salad features beetroot, which boosts both the color and the flavor of the dish. This unusual appetizer will add a splash of color to your buffet table and the way the fish goes with the piquant flavors from the pickles, onions and other ingredients is wonderful. You might like to add some chopped chilies or hot sauce for a spicier finish. Alternatively it is nice if you follow the recipe. Beetroot juice is a dye so be careful when preparing the beetroot! You should wash your knife and chopping board in hot, soapy water when you have finished preparing the beetroot. Also, wash your hands so you can get the color off.

This salad goes nicely on toast or split bread rolls. Or you can just serve it as part of a buffet. Since it has to sit in the refrigerator for a few hours (two is fine but make sure it has at least one) for the flavors to blend properly, this is an appetizer that you can make in advance. Timesaving appetizers are always popular, especially if you are catering for a party or a similar event, and you have a lot of other dishes to prepare. Get this one done early and you can focus on the others.

Feel free to tinker with the ingredients. The beetroot and herring are, of course, the main ingredients and the dressing is nice. The other ingredients can be adapted if you like. The apple, egg, pickles and onions all have different textures, which is part of the reason for their inclusion, but you can leave some of the other ingredients out if you want. If you are thinking of making this for lunch, you might like to add some chopped, boiled potatoes to the mixture, to make it more satisfying. Else just serve it with bread and it will make a beautiful appetizer. Continue reading

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