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Monkfish is a meaty and delicious fish and it can be baked, grilled, poached, or cooked in a variety of other ways. Monkfish tends to be quite expensive when compared to many other types of fish though so if you want to substitute another kind of fish in the following recipe, that is fine. Baking the monkfish crisps the top nicely but if you prefer your fish very soft, just add it to the cream sauce and poach it in there.

The sauce contains saffron, white wine, cream, butter and more, for a luxurious flavor and consistency. The monkfish is garnished with watercress and served with potatoes and spinach. You might prefer to serve it with boiled rice which is also good, or change the spinach for asparagus or another vegetable. Use your imagination and cook whichever side dishes you fancy; the potatoes and spinach are merely a suggestion.

The capers in the sauce cut through the creaminess a bit, adding a sharp saltiness which makes a lovely contrast. Some sauces for fish are lemon and caper-based, which gives them a sharp finish, so contrasting the soft creaminess with the astringent caper flavor gives an extra dimension to this mouthwatering sauce. Continue reading

This delicious monkfish is marinated before it goes on the grill. You can either grill large pieces of fish or you can cut the fish into one and a half inch chunks and thread those on to skewers and cook them like kabobs. Be careful when you are preparing the hot peppers and try to avoid touching them.

You can use a knife and fork to cut them up or protect your hands with a paper towel. Wash your hands in soapy hot water after touching them and do not touch your eyes for a few hours afterwards. Keep some of the seeds from the chilies because you might want to add some to the salsa if it is not spicy enough.

This is quite a healthy recipe because it is rather low in calories and fat, yet high in nutrients and vegetables. The chilies give the salsa plenty of flavor and the garlic, cumin, and lime juice marinade gives the monkfish a really nice taste. Monkfish is naturally moist, meaty, and flavorful, so it does not need a lot of help in the flavor department. The marinade is really tasty though and you will definitely be able to taste all the marinade ingredients on the fish. Continue reading

Monkfish is a popular choice but this fish contains a fair amount of milky juices; this means that when you cook the fish the juices come out, so you end up cooking the fish in liquid, rather than with your chosen dry cooking method. Pan-frying fish in a dry pan is very different to boiling it in fish juices. Do not worry because there is a way around this.

Season the monkfish with salt an hour before you are going to cook it (do not use to much) and the salt will draw the excess moisture out of the fish flesh. Pat it dry and proceed with the recipe. For grilled monkfish recipes, it is usually easiest to ask your fishmonger to butterfly the filets, rather than do this yourself.

The following grilled monkfish recipe features delicious lemon and rosemary infused monkfish filets, served with lemon mashed potatoes and sweet grilled carrots. This is an easy fish recipe to make and you will love the result. The lemon mashed potatoes is really nice. For extra creamy, smooth mashed potatoes, you can push it through a sieve a couple of times. The flavor will be the same but the texture will be shiner and smoother. This is an optional step. You can use butter in the potatoes instead of the olive oil, if you want to. Continue reading

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