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This makes a fantastic dinner for a family of four. Everyone will love the combination of mussels, shrimp and fish in this creamy pie, along with the leek and dill weed. Topped with a layer of cheese and then a layer of creamy mashed potato, this is a winning dish. You can even add a layer of chopped hard-cooked eggs between the cheese and potatoes.

This is actually a very simple dish to make, and you are going to make it in layers. First you have the creamy fish and seafood mixture and then the cheese. The mashed potatoes go on top. Make the mashed potatoes first and blanch the leeks too, then prepare the fish and seafood sauce. Get the oven nice and hot and you can spoon the fish mixture and other layers in to a baking dish. Use a spoon or fork to make patterns in the mashed potato topping.

This needs to cook until it is piping hot and the mashed potato is beginning to turn golden brown on top and crisp at the edges. This is going to be very hot as soon as it comes out of the oven so let it rest for 15 minutes. Although this dish may be served just as it is, you might want to consider some broccoli, corn on the cob or green peas on the side, just to add some more color to the plate. Feel free to use any kind of fish you want. Tilapia and cod in place of the salmon would work, or you can swap the mussels for scallops or the shrimp for imitation crab if you want to. Continue reading

This authentic Italian seafood linguine recipe features juicy seafood, garlic, plum tomatoes and more. Pasta, seafood, and tomato make a typical Italian ingredient trio because these ingredients go together so nicely. Use any kind of white fish you like in the following Italian seafood recipe; fresh or thawed are both suitable options.

You can garnish the dish with parmesan, fresh basil or anything else you like. If you want to make this recipe ahead, make it up until the point where you have cooked the squid in the sauce for forty five minutes and then cover and refrigerate it overnight. Bring the mixture to a simmer before continuing with the recipe.

Some kinds of seafood take a while to cook and become tender. Examples include squid and octopus. Other kinds can be ready in less than a minute and small shrimp are a good example of this. This is why it is important to add the seafood to seafood recipes in the right order. Overcooking seafood results in a horrible chewy texture, so always follow a good seafood recipe if you are unsure how long to cook your shellfish. Continue reading

There is a bit of work involved in making tamales but that cannot be avoided if you want to make an authentic tamale recipe. Tamales are usually wrapped in dried corn husks in the north and center or the country but in southern Mexico banana leaves are common wrappers.

Do not cut down on the salt in the following recipe because a lot of it is lost during steaming. The tamales will not taste too salty. If you want to use dried corn husks instead of banana leaves, soak them for a few hours in warm water and pat them dry. You will need twice as many dried corn husks as banana leaves because they are smaller. You can use husks to line the steamer instead of banana leaves if you want.

Tamales can be frozen and, since they do involve a fair bit of work to make, it is worth doubling or tripling the recipe and freezing some. Let them cool completely and then freeze them into freezer bags. You can reheat them from thawed in about fifteen minutes in the steamer or double that time if you are reheating them from frozen. Continue reading

Store-bought fish balls are packed with flour, preservatives, and monosodium glutamate, making them less healthy that most people realize. Of course, these additives stop the fish balls from going bad but it is much better to make your own, just before using them in a fish ball recipe. That way you can have the fresh taste without all the unwanted additives. Fish balls can be a choking hazard if you feed them to young children so you should chop them up first.

You will need a blunt spoon to scrape the flesh off your fish. A Chinese ceramic soup spoon is perfect. Combine this with the minced shrimp and the other ingredients and you will have a wonderful fish ball mixture, all ready to be fried to perfection. You can serve these balls with a tasty dipping sauce or add them to a soup or stew. Unlike store-bought fish balls, which have an alarming tendency to shrink in the hot oil, these retain their size.

Fish balls vary from country to country and the Asian style ones are known for being smoother than their European equivalents which are made with coarser pieces of fish. The garlic, ginger, and rice wine in the following recipe add an unmistakable oriental influence and your kids will love these rice balls as much as you do. Continue reading

Risotto might sound like a difficult dish but it is not so hard. You just need to take care when making it, that is all. Different kinds of risotto rice have different absorption rates, which makes it hard to know how much rice and how much water you will need for it. The following recipe works well if you choose Arborio rice. The rice should end up being al dente and that means cooked until it’s tender but with a little bite to it.

It is also important to stir your rice a lot of the time. You cannot leave risotto to simmer away by itself until it is dry. A good risotto recipe must be watched and stirred. The following recipe features prawns and fish, and you can choose which kind of fish you want to use. Cod, halibut, hake, tilapia, or basa would all work in this recipe.

The main reason for using prawns in this seafood risotto recipe is because you need the heads to make the stock. Most of the flavor from prawns is found in the head. The rest of the prawns are served peeled, butterflied and cooked until they are appetizing and pink. This also adds color to the finished dish. Continue reading

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