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Bring a taste of the tropics to your easy fish recipes by serving a juicy mango sauce on the side. Mango sauce is tart yet sweet, and it is wonderful with fish as well as pork or chicken. Although mangos are often used in dessert recipes or to make beverages, you can also use this exotic fruit to make salsas or sauces to serve with your favorite easy fish recipes.

Mangos vary a lot so you will need to alter the amount of sugar and salt you add, depending on how sweet or tart your mangos are. You might not need to add any sugar. You will have some mango sauce left over so serve it later in the week. This sauce keeps for several days in a covered container in the refrigerator. Use red bell pepper instead of the orange ones if you like, or even green ones if your mangos are very sweet. Of course the mango sauce will turn out a slightly different color.

You can use any whitefish in the following baked fish recipe, although Alaska pollock is an especially nice choice because it is soft, flavorful, and inexpensive. You could use tilapia, basa fish, or cod instead though. The mango sauce can be warmed up in the pan or you could serve it cold if you prefer. You can serve this dish with fries, potatoes, or rice, as you prefer. Continue reading

Alaska pollock is a versatile fish to work with and it can be grilled, poached, baked, broiled, or fried. Alaska pollock, which is also known as walleye pollock, is a North Pacific species of the cod family. Although it is related to the Atlantic pollock, it is not the same fish. It is believed that the Norwegian pollock, found around Norway, is the same species as the Alaska pollock.

It is thought that the Alaska pollock is the largest remaining source of edible fish on the planet and over three million tons are caught each year, mainly in the Bering sea. Alaska pollock is milder than Atlantic pollock. It has a brighter white color and a lower oil content too. This fish is used to make imitation crabmeat and it is also used to make the Filet-O-Fish sandwiches at McDonalds. In the following recipe, the fish is grilled to perfection and then served with a homemade tomato and black olive salsa and tagliatelle. You can use any kind of pollock for this recipe, although Alaska pollock is probably the easiest to find.

You can swap the tagliatelle for another kind of pasta if you prefer. Penne or spaghetti would work, or even bowtie pasta or spirals. If you like tagliatelle though then that is a good choice. The salsa is based on tomatoes and black olives, and also features lemon juice, basil, minced chili, and oil. This is a fresh-tasting salsa recipe and you can leave out the chili if you prefer it mild. Also, you can add some chopped fresh dill if you want to. Continue reading

This delicious pollock recipe is marinated and then pan-fried to perfection and served with rice and salad. Five spice is used in the marinade and this Chinese seasoning is usually made with cloves, cinnamon, star anise, ground fennel, and Sichuan pepper. Some five spice mixtures contain ginger root or powdered anise seed. This seasoning can be used as a spice rub for seafood, pork, chicken or duck, or it can be used in stir-fried vegetable recipes.

Five spice is used to make Cantonese roast duck and Chinese beef stew. It is Chinese in origin but is also used in some Vietnamese, Japanese and other Asian dishes. Some restaurants in Hawaii have a shaker of five spice on each table. You can make seasoned salt by frying common salt with five spice until well combined.

The pollock in this recipe is marinated in a mixture of rice wine, five spice, soy sauce, and black pepper. Using a marinade on the fish gives it a nice flavor and you can boil the remaining marinade to make a sauce and either pour the sauce directly over the fish for an intense flavor or pour it over the rice and underneath the fish so you can taste the fish better. If you cannot get Alaska pollock you can use red snapper, striped bass, tilapia, hake, cod, or halibut instead. Continue reading

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