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Sea Bass

This recipe is very nice if you want a light appetizer. Perhaps you are serving something hearty as your entrée, such as beef or pork, and you do not want to fill up too soon. In that case, this makes a great appetizer. We are serving sea bass carpaccio over mixed salad leaves. The salad leaves are flavored with some citrus and a little sesame oil just to add an exotic taste.

The carpaccio is made by thinly slicing seabass filets. Carpaccio is the Italian word for raw fish. The Japanese would call it sashimi, but these two things are basically the same. Wrap the slices around the salad leaves, and then drizzle our taste citrus dressing over the top. If you have a favorite Asian dressing, drizzle some of that over the plate to add visual appeal and contribute to the overall flavor.

We are finishing the dish with some crispy garlic, to add crunch to an otherwise soft dish, for contrast. The carpaccio-wrapped salad should sit for a few minutes before serving, but that is good because it gives you time to cook the garlic. The simplest way to do this is to heat up some oil in a skillet and throw in the finely-sliced garlic clove. It will turn brown very soon, and then you can remove it from the pan and scatter it over the carpaccio. Get your fishmonger to cut the seabass slices for you, to save time, and to ensure they are uniformly wafer-thin. Continue reading

Sea bass does beautifully on the grill because its white flesh is firm enough for it to hold together well. Grilled whole fish, whether you choose sea bass or another kind, is very popular in the Mediterranean throughout the summer. If you are unable to find sea bass, you can use striped bass or red snapper instead. The sea bass is flavored with lemon, coriander, and oregano and grilled until it is done.

Lemon is a typical flavoring for any fish and the herbs are also beautiful with it. You can serve the grilled fish whole, with the head and tail removed or filleted (with the bones taken out). Sometimes it is nice to serve the fish whole or just trimmed and other times people prefer not to have to remove the bones themselves.

This is a great recipe for the spring or summer because you can take advantage of the good weather and fire up the grill. Alternatively this is just as good done indoors using an indoor grill. You will not have the smoky flavor you would get with a charcoal grill but the fish will still be juicy and delicious. Continue reading

This delicious striped bass salad recipe also features cilantro, tomatoes, chili and more. This is an unusual recipe for a fish salad but the result is beautiful and all the flavors work together well. The fish is poached in olive oil to give it a silky and luxurious texture. You can switch the striped bass for any firm-fleshed fish – walleye, rock cod, pollock, tilapia, or lingcod would work.

Lobster or shrimp are other possibilities. Do not use an oily fish like mackerel or bluefish because the result would be way too much oil. After you make this recipe, you can strain and reuse the oil for another recipe, so there is not any wastage.

Serve this fish salad as an appetizer or serve it with rice or bread to make it into an entree. This versatile dish can be served as you like it and that also means changing the amount of chili if you want it milder or spicier or even adjusting the ingredients. Continue reading

You can cook sea bass filets with or without the skin. The fatty skin makes sea bass taste very fishy so, if that is a problem for you, peel it off. Some people love the strong fishy flavor and others are happy to eat only mild-tasting fish. Sea bass does not have a very fishy flesh but the skin does give it a lot of flavor which might not suit every palate. Double this recipe if you want to feed two people because it only makes enough for one.

Perhaps you want to use your grill to brown the fish, in which case you can grill it lightly on both sides until it is brown and then finish it off by baking it in a 350 degrees F oven for about twelve minutes. Broiling the fish is just as effective and you can watch it to make sure you flip it over when necessary. As with most fish, once the flesh is opaque apart from a tiny bit in the very center, it is ready to eat.

The date and mandarin sauce is unusual and you can either serve this underneath the fish or poured over the top. The flavors in the Japanese sea bass recipe are a mixture or sweet and sharp. The sweetness of the palm sugar, mandarin segments, and dates is balanced by the sharp taste of the rice vinegar. Sea bass has a wonderful soft texture which is beautiful with such flavors. You can serve an Asian salad on the side, if you like, perhaps using seaweed, bean sprouts, and other oriental ingredients to make it. Alternatively, this is nice with jasmine rice. Continue reading

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