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Sea Bream

Baking is one of the most simple ways to cook bream and it brings out the flavor of this amazing fresh fish. Bream has quite a mild flavor and it is not too fishy. Combining it with lemon and parsley gives it a simple, balanced elegance, since these two ingredients go well with most fish and especially with the mild taste of sea bream. The white wine also boosts the amazing taste.

It is up to you if take the heads off the fish before cooking them. You can buy them whole or scaled, gutted and de-headed. A lot of people do not like to see the fish head so ask your fishmonger to remove them if necessary, or take them off yourself before you cook the fish. Of course the fish also need to have their scales removed and their guts taken out before you cook them but, if you are buying them from the grocery store rather than catching your own, you will not have to worry about that.

The fish in this easy fish recipe is baked so you will need a pair of baking trays. Do you want to make this sea bream recipe ahead? That is no problem. You can prepare them up to two hours in advance, without adding the seasoning, and leave them covered in the refrigerator until it is time to make the recipe. Use a good white wine in this recipe because you will only need four ounces of it and you can serve the rest with the fish. Something dry like a Sauvignon Blanc would be ideal. Continue reading

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Everyone knows 'the big three' which are cod, tuna and salmon, but sometimes it is fun to try different types of fish, such as perch, trout, monkfish, or even shellfish like mussels or clams. There are seafood recipes for every season and occasion, those served chilled for a refreshing burst of flavor, and those served hot in stew or soup form.

Choose from crispy fried fish, tender pan-fried or poached cuts, or what about a seafood medley boasting the most wonderful flavors of the sea, lake or river? Seafood can be served as part of a salad or savory dish, or it can be served as an appetizer or snack. Bacon-wrapped scallops, anyone? You will find a comprehensive collection of wonderful seafood recipes right here, for your inspiration and enjoyment.

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