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Sole is a mild, white flatfish and it is really versatile. There are plenty of baked sole recipes to choose from and this one uses tarragon, which complements the fishy flavor. This is a nice looking dish as well as a tasty one, since the sole fillets are rolled up before being cooked. This sole recipe is slightly Greek in flavor because of the yogurt and olives used in the recipe. This unusual filet of sole recipe is good served with mashed potatoes or garlic mashed potatoes and a selection of al dente seasonal vegetables. A dry white German wine such as Riesling or Muller Thurgau goes well with this tarragon-flavored sole, as would a sparkling Californian white wine.

The fish is stuffed with a lemon, broth, garlic and breadcrumb mixture and then an herby olive oil is poured over the top. You do not need to use a lot of oil and its function is to keep the fish moist as well as give it flavor. If you prefer to use butter, you can dot some butter on the fish before baking it instead of using oil. The results will be the same.

This is an unusual dish which is rich in flavor and easy enough for beginners to make. Baked lemon sole is a simple dish which will give you the confidence to try a more complex fish recipe the next time, although there is no need to make complicated fish dishes when there are so many mouthwatering easy fish recipes to choose from. Continue reading

Sole is a white flatfish. It has a slightly sweet, mild flavor. It can be interchanged with flounder in many stuffed sole recipes and it is nice baked, pan-fried, or steamed. Unlike most fish, sole tastes better when it is several days old rather than when freshly caught. Most fish are best straight off the boat but not sole. This stuffed sole recipe combines the fresh, clean taste of sole with lemon and butter; it is stuffed with a crabmeat and vegetable stuffing and served with string beans and tomatoes on the side.

White wine is used in the stuffing mixture and is a common ingredient in many sole recipes and indeed fish recipes. You can also serve white rice or sautéed potatoes with this tasty crab stuffed sole recipe. Cod, tuna, and salmon might be the main three fish eaten these days but sole makes a nice alternative. It is very different in texture from the “big three” which are meatier and fleshier. Sole is more delicate and the fact that the filets are thin means you can roll them around other ingredients, like the crab and veggie stuffing mixture in this recipe.

There are quite a few different ingredients in this easy fish recipe but it is still a comparatively simple one to make. You just need to stuff the sole filets and then bake them. This is a really tasty dish and the string beans and tomatoes side dish is very flavorful. Continue reading

When served with coleslaw and fries, a fish finger sandwich makes wonderful comfort food. Alternatively you could just serve it by itself if you want to make a quick snack or a speedy lunch. Adults and kids alike both love the flavor of homemade fishsticks and they are so easy to make. Most people reach for the box of fish fingers from the freezer but making your own does not take long at all and they will have a nice, fresh homemade taste.

The fish sticks in the following recipe are made with sole but you can swap that for any whitefish you like. Generally, the flakier the better is a good rule for fish stick recipes, so choose a fish with big flakes like cod or something similar. The fish is marinated in lemon juice and then coated in egg and breadcrumbs. The egg is mainly to give the breadcrumbs something to stick to. Use Panko breadcrumbs or another type of fine crumb, for the best results.

The fish fingers are served with your choice of lemon mayonnaise or tartar sauce, between two thick slices of fresh bread, making a delicious hot snack which will thrill your taste buds. You can make your own lemon mayonnaise (or try lime mayonnaise instead) by stirring some lemon juice into mayonnaise. Taste it as you go, so you get the right amounts. Tartar sauce can be bought or homemade. Continue reading

Whether you have some authentic sole (Dover sole) or a fish labeled as sole (probably flounder), both are delicious fish varieties and there are many different ways of preparing sole recipes. The following recipe uses lemon, mustard, and parsley for an elegant and classic flavor. The fish marinates in the lemon juice and balsamic vinegar mixture, to infuse it with flavor, and this sole recipe is delicious, especially served on a bed of fluffy white rice.

If you are new to the world of easy fish recipes, you might like to try this one. Marinating the fish means you can add plenty of flavor to it before you cook it and there are not a lot of different ingredients for you to deal with. Sole is quite delicate. It does come out nicely on the grill though so perhaps, in order to avoid the fish sticking to the grill, you might like to use a grill basket for this. Grill baskets are great for delicate fish filets and they are also a handy way of grilling your veggies without losing them through the grill slots.

Serve this delicious sole recipe with some chili sauce or another flavorful sauce if you like, for a contrast. You might even like to make a parsley sauce for it, instead of scattering the parsley over the fish when it is done. Continue reading

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