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There are times when a simple fish sandwich is just what you want, but other times when you are feeling really hungry and want something a little more filling. This recipe is made with tilapia, a homemade tomato and shrimp sauce, bread, and your favorite side dishes, so it is perfect for a hearty lunch or for a comfort food dinner.

The tilapia and shrimp may be fresh or frozen, but if you plan to use thawed seafood ensure it is fully thawed and pat it dry with paper towels, since seafood holds on to a lot of water when frozen. The tilapia is flavored simply with salt and black pepper, although many people like to add chili powder and/or paprika for a bit of a kick. It is pan-fried in olive oil until perfectly cooked. Make the sauce while the fish is cooking.

For the sauce you need tomatoes, green onion, garlic, lemon juice and clam juice. The sauce goes on the bread and then it is topped with the tilapia. You can then put the other piece of bread on to make a closed sandwich, or present it as an open sandwich instead, like in the photo. Toasting the bread before adding the sauce means the sauce should not soak through the bread right away and make it soggy, although you might want to eat this with a knife and fork since it can be messy! This unusual dish teams tilapia with shrimp – both economically priced seafood options, especially if purchased frozen. Continue reading

This recipe proudly boasts south of the border roots with its bold and spicy flavor, combining tilapia with avocado, homemade creamy dressing and more. Tilapia is a lovely fish to cook with because it has a rich flavor but is an economical choice. So how about surprising your family and friends tonight with a platter of these tacos one evening this week? There is no need to make the tilapia mixture spicy if you would prefer a milder dish, and you can tone it down or spice it up, according to your own preference. These tacos would go great with Mexican rice or another favorite south of the border dish.

Coating the fish is very easy. Dip the fish strips into the batter and then let the excess run off. Next you should roll the fish in panko crumbs until coated. If you put too much batter on the fish you will get clumpy results, so just coat the fish lightly with the batter before adding the breading. That offers a nice crispy result and even coverage.

There is no secret to making authentic tacos, but if you want yours to have a nice fresh flavor, then ensure you do as the Mexicans do, and use plenty of fresh ingredients, so as well as the fresh fish you will have tomato and avocado slices in the tacos, offering bright vibrant colors too. The sauce is really good and you can make it spicy if you like. Another idea is to omit the sauce and serve salsa and sour cream with the tacos instead. Continue reading

What Makes a Tilapia Mushroom Recipe So Wonderfully Unique?

Working with fish is not difficult, as anyone experienced at making salmon filet recipes, fish chowder recipes or baked salmon recipes will know, but what about tilapia?

Actually tilapia is very similar to other white fish and you can often swap tilapia for fish like grouper, cod, flounder, and ling in other easy fish recipes. Tilapia filets tend to be thinner than some other fish filets though, which means they will cook faster. If you are using tilapia in the place of cod, for example, you might find the cooking time halves because cod filets are usually quite thick.

Perhaps you fancy making a tasty tilapia mushroom recipe, which is a great idea if you want to make a satisfying and nutritious dinner for the family. You can mix and match the vegetables you use, but choose soft ones with a similar cooking time to the tilapia, so everything is ready at the same time. Continue reading

What Makes Baked Tilapia with Panko Breadcrumbs So Wonderfully Unique

Out of all the easy fish recipes you can choose from, oven baked fish recipes are some of the most delicious. Not only does baking mean less fat and fewer calories than fried fish recipes but it is also a great way to cook your fish to moist, succulent perfection.

You can use fine dry breadcrumbs, panko breadcrumbs or a combination of the two to coat your fish filets. Panko breadcrumbs are made when an electric current is passed through bread dough. This results in a crustless bread which has an airier, crisper texture than regular bread and the loaf is ground up to make the breadcrumbs.

Adding Even More Flavor

Although many types of fish have their own unique, delicious flavor, you might like to enhance the flavor of your fish by using mustard, mayonnaise or something else between the fish and the breadcrumbs. Not only does this layer add flavor but it also helps the breadcrumbs to stick. Continue reading

Tilapia is very tasty in this recipe, although you can substitute cod, red snapper or orange roughy, depending on what is available. Try Old Bay as your seasoning salt, since the flavor works well with tilapia, or another kind of seasoning salt.

Baking the fish works well, although you can broil it if you prefer. Broil it for three or four minutes or until it is nearly done, then add the cheese topping and broil for another few minutes to brown it. Serve this cheese-topped fish with green beans or broccoli. Rice or potatoes make a nice side dish and round out the fish to become a complete meal.

This recipe appeals to the whole family although you might wish to leave out the hot pepper sauce if you are making it for kids too, since they do not usually like the spicy flavor unless they are used to it. This recipe is very simple to prepare, even for beginners in the kitchen, and as long as you keep an eye on the filets to make sure they do not overcook, there is really nothing which can go wrong with it. Continue reading

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