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One of the classic mom dishes going back into at least the fifties is the good old tuna noodle casserole. Moms have been making this for generations of unsuspecting kids in an attempt to get them to eat fish I surmise none the less some of these were questionable at best, others ok, and a few like the following recipe just downright it didn’t matter that there was fish in it – it was good. One of the ways to get kids to eat tuna casserole is to make sure it has cheese in it this is a big way toward faking them out that it is mac and cheese.

Another way to make a big improvement to the standard tuna casserole is most people use the chunk light tuna which is a lower grade. Because it is much cheaper than solid white, but there is a huge difference in the quality and fishiness taste of the two. Solid white is so much better it is like any other meat you usually benefit in the quality department and the taste department upgrading the meat you use in your recipes. Now this isn’t always the case. Sometimes like when using it in your crockpot the cheaper meat can actually be better because the fat content lends better to the slow cooking process.

If you want to make one big change in your recipes and improve the overall response you get to your cooking in general upgrade your ingredients to a better grade of almost anything. The same can be said for the difference between many generic brands and a name brand and in fact some name brands I insist on because the level of quality is far superior to that of a generic where the quality control isn’t always as good. Now if you are on a budget and who isn’t these days one of the things you can do is search out new source of product in your area in mine we have a meat wholesaler that has a store in its plant and the prices and quality of meat are far better than that of any of our supermarkets so for less money I can buy better grades of meat. Continue reading

What Makes Tuna Pasta Bake So Wonderfully Unique

There are lots of types of fish recipes, ranging from basic three or four ingredient ones to impressive, and dinner party-style ones. You might have already made dishes like a fish taco recipe, oven baked fish recipes or tilapia recipes, or maybe you are totally new to the world of easy fish recipes. Beginning at the more basic end of the spectrum, tuna pasta bake is one of the most popular fish dishes ever, and there are various reasons for that.

Economical and Easy

First, tuna pasta bake costs next to nothing to prepare, so no wonder it is so popular with students. If you are on a budget but you still want to make something yummy, why not investigate tuna pasta bake recipes?

This wonderful meal is sure to delight everyone from the kids to the grownups because it is hot, delicious, and satisfying. You can even freeze some tuna pasta bake recipes so your next dinner will only take a few minutes to thaw and you do not have to cook anything. Continue reading

Are you looking for a quick and easy casserole you can make for your family on a busy night? Try the following tuna casserole because everyone will love this it so much they will be begging for seconds and maybe thirds too! This is an easy recipe and an excellent way to use tuna because the result is so satisfying and hearty. Whatever you serve with this, you are sure to enjoy the delicious flavors it offers.

Reminiscent of days gone by is an image of a bubbly hot and colorful creamy tuna casserole. Yes, the crunchiness provided by the breadcrumbs that top this delectable dish, the noodles that were a little browned on the side, and the cream of mushroom soup when fused with a little cheddar cheese and milk, play a nice sustaining role against the tuna.

The peas and diced carrots added a colorful brightness to the dish. Chopped broccoli, onion, and garlic created a tantalizing and visually alluring masterpiece. Steamed fresh tuna crumbled and gently tossed into the above ingredients give rise to a superb comfort food your family will rave over for many days and weeks to come. Continue reading

Are you looking for a recipe that is sure to spice up the dinner table? Try the following tuna macaroni salad because it is so delicious. This tuna macaroni salad will make a great lunch or a perfect dinner, as you prefer. Everyone will love the simple seafood kick it offers and this salad is a worthy addition to any dinner table. This is easy to make as well – something home cooks will appreciate. You do not need many ingredients and there is not much involved in the prep either. Simply cook the pasta then combine it with the other ingredients.

Tuna Macaroni Salad

Tuna and macaroni combined with carrot for a bit of color, onion and a dressing of mustard, mayonnaise, and fresh dill. Wholesome, tasty and inexpensive, you can’t ask for anything more. Serve this on a bed of fresh ripe tomato for a down home taste of true comfort food.

This tuna macaroni salad is easily prepared and chilled ahead of time, making it a great lunch salad to pack for work. The mustard adds just a bit of tang and fresh dill really boosts the flavor. Continue reading

Tuna goes beautifully with Asian flavors, and most people have tried tuna with soy sauce, sesame seeds, or another oriental flavoring, but what about wasabi? Although this condiment is often shunned for being too fiery, it has an unusual flavor and you can combine it with other ingredients to make something less potent but still delicious.

Wasabi is similar to mustard, in that it can burn your nasal passages. The heat from chilies is experienced on your tongue, in your mouth and at the back of your throat instead, so they are spicy in a different way. Wasabi is similar-tasting to horseradish although not from the same family, and in the following recipe it is combined with soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, oil, fish sauce and lime juice to make a piquant and tasty vinaigrette which is great drizzled over your hot grilled tuna.

As for the tuna, it is best to choose sushi-grade fish, since ahi tuna is seared on the outside but practically raw in the center. This is not the cheapest fish you can buy but it is worth it, to make a special meal. The tuna is flavored with coriander seeds and black pepper (use white pepper if you want) and then seared all over, so when you cut it you can see the outside is cooked and the middle is not. Continue reading

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