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Growing up in New England at some point you are going to be exposed to New England lobster and a very traditional way along the Maine coast of serving this is in a split top hot dog bun and made into lobster salad. It is really a rather straightforward simple recipe that works mainly for that reason not a lot to complicate it. Now in New England most will say the best lobster comes from the north coast of New England and the state of Maine in fact it is known best for this and potatoes.

Now I break from tradition a bit in that I use potato rolls as I love the freshness and how soft and yummy these are and I personally think it is my little improvement on the old recipe feel free if you can get them where you live to use split top hot dog buns the more traditional serving vessel. Also the Sriracha hot sauce is a personal thing so I make no recommendation other then use as much or little as YOU like not what I suggest, I will say though this is a not suppose to be one of those burn your eyeball out kind of dishes it is in fact often very mellow as to much heat drowns out the delicate lobster meat.

You don’t have to be from New England to enjoy these anymore either with modern shipping lobster is available in most parts of the country these days not just limited to the coastal regions. Now lobster is a very delicate and mild meat that doesn’t have a strong seafood taste so even if you’re not a fan of say fish you might very well like this instead. It is very common along the New England coast to find roadside food stands selling lobster rolls as their main entree and especial in the summer you will find these along US 1 the road that hugs the New England shoreline and is the more local way to see the region than being on the interstate. Lobster is but one of the many seafood dishes the region is known for but one of the true treats of summer here. Continue reading

Today’s recipe is a wonderful combination of true gourmet comfort foods or at least foods we perceive to be just about heaven on the food scale. It is a trio of foods that just pair up so nice you’ll want to make it again and soon. I am talking about the famous combination of surf and turf with the grill being our focal point. To top this off I serve them up with some cream cheese mashed potatoes that are so silky smooth you’ll never go back to regular mashed again and don’t even get me started on that stuff in the box.

The first anchor of our land and sea pairing is a wonderful grilled pepper steak. This is just the right compliment to go with the otherwise subdued grilled lobster. Although we do pick up the lobster with some chipotle lime butter to give it a bit of life for the most part lobster is a fairly non descript mellow food on its own that is why when paired with the steak it kind of comes to life and balances the taste pallet out.

To go with our land and sea theme we bring a New England favorite and as any New Englander knows the best lobster comes from Maine. Now you could do whole lobsters if you like but the tail is the predominate meat source and it is perfect for grilling. To liven it up a bit we make a homemade chipotle lime butter that brings a nice amount of heat to the very plain lobster taste the fact that we do it on the grill also helps tie in that smoky flavor you’ll find in the chipotle. To connect our land and sea combo we make some homemade cream cheese mashed potatoes to make every mouthful a dream meal come true. Continue reading

Not every lobster recipe has to be complex and actually you can make a really good lobster salad in minutes. Add a few shrimp too to increase the amount of protein on the plate. We are using thawed lobster tails here, paired with shrimp, avocado, salad greens and any other salad ingredients you want to use, such as tomato, red onion or some cucumber slices.

The dressing is made with mango and citrus juices, along with shallot for some bite, honey for sweetness and a little oil. You will be able to taste the extra-virgin olive oil in the finished dressing so if you would prefer a softer, more neutral finish, opt for something like avocado oil instead. This dressing is really good with the seafood, and it offers a tangy, fruity flavor which is nice with the lobster, shrimp and the rest of the salad.

If you prefer to serve seafood dressing or something more traditional that is also fine, or else you could offer both and see which people prefer. This is filling enough to be a main dish, but if you omit the shrimp and serve less salad you can also get away with serving it as an appetizer. This recipe makes enough for four servings. If you have fresh lobster, use that, but frozen lobster tends to thaw well overnight in the refrigerator and you can simmer it to perfection in just a few minutes, although the exact cooking time depends on the weight and size of the lobster tail. Continue reading

It is true that a lobster salad sandwich makes a great lunch, because it is flavorful and satisfying. The following recipe features Greek yogurt as well as mayonnaise, for a lovely creamy sauce, as well as green onion and celery for some crunch.

You can use hot dog buns, a crusty baguette, or even bread to make this lobster salad sandwich, but toast the cut side of the bun or one side of the bread before adding the lobster salad, so it does not soak through and make the bread soggy. Feel free to add slices of tomato or cucumber to the sandwiches if you want to add more nutrients and color. Although the following recipe suggests serving the lobster sandwiches with fries and coleslaw, the choice of side dishes is yours, and you might prefer to opt for a baked potato or something like rice salad instead.

Also, you might find the coleslaw too creamy to serve with a creamy lobster salad, so perhaps a tossed green salad might suit you better. Other people love the indulgence of this dish and would claim coleslaw and fries to be the perfect accompaniments, so it is your call. Continue reading

This gourmet salad is perfect if you want to impress your dinner guests. You will need a cooked lobster for this. This is how to cook a lobster: bring a pot of salted water to a boil and submerge a live lobster (head first) into the water. Boil it for twelve minutes, and then let it cool down. Getting the meat out is not difficult. Twist off the claws, crack the knuckles, and use a claw shell to pull the meat out.

Pull off the tail and break the flippers, then use your fingers or a paring knife to break the shell underneath. You can get the tail meat out in one piece. Take the shell off the body and crack the underside in the middle. You can extract the meat from the legs by biting the joints and pulling it out with your teeth – of course, those pieces are the cook’s treat and not for the guests!

The following lobster salad features orange segments and avocado as well as baby greens, and a delicious roasted shallot vinaigrette. You can swap the orange segments for red grapefruit segments if you prefer. The vinaigrette takes a while because you need to roast the shallot so begin that first. If you do not have Champagne vinegar, use good quality white wine vinegar instead; the flavor is very similar. Continue reading

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