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Today’s recipe for this seafood site is a lovely seared sea scallop recipe that is accompanied by a tasty bourbon tarragon cream sauce to finish the scallop dish off right. I am having so much fun with today’s work load I have been traveling from site to site today so I have had a lovely mix of different recipes and ingredients to offer up. My latest stop is here at seafood and looking through the menu I decided that I need another scallop recipe for the mix (well right now anyways next week it will change again) so I sat down and asked myself, self what is it you like about scallops so much? I have to admit they are among my favorite seafood items.

So in thinking of that I came up with the idea of searing the scallops to gain a lovely crispness to the outside and a tender juice inside(secret don’t cook them all the way on the stove top) let them finish with the retained heat from cooking and what would go well with seared scallops. I remember a trip down south when I had them in this little seafood place and they did them in a bourbon tarragon cream sauce so I set out to recreate that sauce and this is the outcome of my work.

I am sure you will love the way the sauce accents the scallops and this dish could go well with any number of side dishes including any number of salads or even a nice wild rice with sautéed mushrooms or maybe even just some smashed potatoes or maybe even some oven roasted vegetables with a nice balsamic reduction. Scallops are such a nice neutral entree you can go many different directions to accompany them and not go wrong no matter which one you decide to take. I wonder where my next stop will take me. Mhh? Care to come along? Continue reading

This hearty chowder is rich and creamy. It is made with various kinds of seafood. To get a nice balance, we are using clams, fish filets, shrimp, scallops, and calamari or baby octopus, but this is good with any kind of seafood, so you could use more fish filets and less seafood, or even a thawed package of raw mixed seafood if you prefer to do that.

In addition to the seafood, we are using cream cheese, milk and condensed cream of mushroom soup to get a nice creamy base, along with green onion, corn, carrots and potatoes to make it heartier. We are using garlic, cayenne and black pepper to add more yummy flavor. It is your choice whether to use whole, reduced fat or nonfat dairy in this recipe, and you might also with to try a different flavor of cream soup, such as cheese or celery.

This is a simple dish to prepare, and you can get started right away by combining the cream cheese, garlic and milk, before adding the vegetables and flavorings. Then the chowder is allowed to simmer for a while, so take that time to prepare your seafood by removing any bones or skin, cleaning whatever needs to be cleaned, and chopping anything which is too large like the calamari or fish filets. The seafood will only take about 10 minutes to cook so that goes in near the end of the cooking time. This chowder is great served with bread or crackers. Continue reading

This hearty appetizer really showcases the flavor of your scallops. Thawed scallops are fine for this recipe but thaw them overnight and then drain them very well. Finally mop them dry with paper towels and repeat until the paper towels are dry. It might surprise you just how much liquid a frozen scallop can hold on to unless you are rigorous at drying it!

The scallops are served on a bed of salsa and topped with chimichurri. The salsa is made with tomatoes, onion and some orange juice. Throw in a little cilantro and even a few drops of hot sauce if you want. For the chimichurri we are using parsley, oregano, garlic and seasonings. Chimichurri is a grilled meat sauce which originated in Argentina but it is found all over Latin America and also in good steakhouses. It pairs well with the meatiness of scallops.

This makes a wonderful appetizer and the following recipe makes 4 appetizer-size portions. You can make the chimichurri and salsa ahead if you wish, then simply season the scallops with salt and black pepper and pan-sear them. Flip them over after seasoning the other side and finish them off. The scallops will take just a few minutes. Do not overcook them else they will dry out. Once they have a light golden brown crust on both sides and are opaque they are ready to plate. Add some microgreens to the plate as a garnish or some fresh herb sprigs, whichever you have. Continue reading

Kabobs are always great during the warmer months, when you are in the mood for something refreshing and not to heavy, and when you have the grill hot already. Add some skewered seafood to the grill and within a few minutes it will be perfectly cooked. We are using shrimp and scallops here. They have a similar cooking time.

Along with the shrimp and scallops we are using bell pepper. The seafood is marinated in a ginger, soy, vinegar and sesame mixture for a while, before threading it on to the skewers. This is sufficient time for the flavors to permeate into the seafood. You can use this time to soak the skewers in water if you are using bamboo ones, so they do not ignite on the grill. Obviously metal ones do not have to be soaked like the bamboo kind do.

This recipe makes 6 small kabobs and they make great appetizers. Serve one to each person if you are also making burgers, steaks or chicken, or serve 2 for a more filling dish. You could even serve 3 or 4 and have these as the main dish. The Asian flavors go perfectly with the scallops and shrimp, and the bell pepper is also really good, adding color and crunch. Some people like to chop up a fresh pineapple and use that too. The peppers should be cut into 1-inch squares. If you want to use pineapple, try to get that in 1-inch cubes too. Continue reading

What a simple recipe this is, and because you can broil the scallops in just a couple of minutes, you can rustle this up so fast. We are going to be using sea scallops in their shells to make this recipe, along with cheese, parsley, breadcrumbs, and a splash of white wine. These are great served as an appetizer before the main dish.

Preparing fresh scallops is simple. Once you have prized the shells open with an oyster shucking knife, you can separate the shell and meat. Discard the frill and stomach sac and any other bits you see in there, then you can add your toppings and broil the scallops. They will be done in a couple of minutes. Serve them hot, still in the shells for an elegant presentation, perhaps with some salad leaves on the plate for garnish.

We are using white wine, cheese and breadcrumbs here, but you can adapt the recipe however you wish. Some people like to use white wine and breadcrumbs only, while some might just add chili powder, salt and black pepper. We like to add the wine and parsley for flavor along with the breadcrumbs because they add crunch and turn golden brown for an attractive look. Feel free to tweak the ingredients though, depending what you have in the refrigerator. You can swap the mozzarella for cheddar if you like, or another type of cheese. Continue reading

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