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Grilled Shrimp

This is a very simple recipe. We are combining shrimp with olive oil, cayenne pepper, salt and chili powder, then grilling them until pink, juicy and ready to eat with the fingers! This is a nice appetizer. Consider serving some kind of creamy dipping sauce with the shrimp to contrast nicely with their spicy flavor – perhaps ranch or a blue cheese dip.

We like to use peeled shrimp with their tails still on, but you can use fully peeled ones if you would rather, either medium or large ones. As for the spices, what we are recommending might sound like a lot to you, so you can reduce the amount of cayenne and/or chili powder if you want, to get the perfect result for your palate. Some people love to throw in plenty of spice and enjoy a super-spicy dish, while others prefer to use less.

Consider stir-frying the shrimp or broiling them, rather than cooking them on the grill, unless the weather is good enough. Also, you might not want to heat up the grill just to make these. They cook just as well on the stove or broiler. You might like to thread them on to skewers so they do not fall through the grill grate, especially if you are using smaller shrimp. You do not want to lose any down there! If you are stir-frying them, consider adding dried red chilies to the pan instead of, or as well as, the chili powder. This recipe is sure to be a hit for anyone who likes bold, vibrant flavors in their seafood. Continue reading

Kabobs are always great during the warmer months, when you are in the mood for something refreshing and not to heavy, and when you have the grill hot already. Add some skewered seafood to the grill and within a few minutes it will be perfectly cooked. We are using shrimp and scallops here. They have a similar cooking time.

Along with the shrimp and scallops we are using bell pepper. The seafood is marinated in a ginger, soy, vinegar and sesame mixture for a while, before threading it on to the skewers. This is sufficient time for the flavors to permeate into the seafood. You can use this time to soak the skewers in water if you are using bamboo ones, so they do not ignite on the grill. Obviously metal ones do not have to be soaked like the bamboo kind do.

This recipe makes 6 small kabobs and they make great appetizers. Serve one to each person if you are also making burgers, steaks or chicken, or serve 2 for a more filling dish. You could even serve 3 or 4 and have these as the main dish. The Asian flavors go perfectly with the scallops and shrimp, and the bell pepper is also really good, adding color and crunch. Some people like to chop up a fresh pineapple and use that too. The peppers should be cut into 1-inch squares. If you want to use pineapple, try to get that in 1-inch cubes too. Continue reading

Shrimp on the grill recipes are perfect for outdoor cooking. Make this dish when you are not in the mood for cooking in the kitchen or when the weather is hot enough to make the prospect of being stuck indoors an unwelcome one. Next time shrimp goes on sale you are going to be really happy you have a recipe for it. “Shrimp on the barbie” refers to shrimp on the grill recipes, and is Australian slang for these tasty dishes. The summertime is a great time to barbeque or grill shrimp and you can get creative with cooking methods, threading your shrimp on to skewers, marinating them, combining them with herbs and spices, or trying something new. Here is a quick and easy way to make shrimp on the grill and be sure of a fantastic result. Serve these shrimp with white rice or on a bed of fresh vegetables for a healthy, colorful and well-balanced dish.

Shrimp on the Grill Recipes

Summer days are traditionally hot and humid, yet resplendent with glorious sunshine and the beautiful colors of nature. No need to cook inside and miss these gloriously brilliant days, with shrimp on the grill recipes your taste buds can rejoice.

The ease of this recipe will let you enjoy those long lazy days of summer. Serve these savory grilled shrimp on a bed of grilled fresh vegetables or a snowy bed of white rice. Continue reading

Are you having a family barbeque but becoming rather tired of the same old burger and hot dog menu? Try this delicious spicy grilled shrimp recipe instead and everyone is sure to love it. Check out my easy-to-follow recipe which will reward you with succulent, delicious results. This recipe is easy enough for anyone to master, and because it is grilled you can have fun cooking outside. There is nothing not to love about this tempting recipe.

Spicy Grilled Shrimp Recipe

Gentle, warm tropical breezes that flutter the leaves of the trees and bring the delicate scent of springtime blooms. Family, friends gathered to enjoy a meal together, and the first days of spring. No doubt it’s BBQ season! Everyone grills hamburgers, hotdogs or ribs for a BBQ, but with this recipe you can change the course of your family BBQ’s, into something spectacular.

Tender, mouthwatering shrimp delicately seasoned and spiced up for a zesty taste punch. One taste and your family and guests will nominate you as the family BBQ king of the century. The simplicity of this taste sensational spicy grilled shrimp recipe will be your secret alone. Continue reading

Whether you serve these accompanied with rice and salad as your main course, or simply serve them as an appetizer, there is no doubt about it – these shrimp skewers are delicious! Try pairing them with a steak for a surf ‘n turf dinner. Since these shrimp skewers are so easy to make, you do not have to save the recipe for a special occasion. If you want to make these but do not have skewers, just use a grilling basket instead,

Choose big, juicy shrimp for this recipe. They will be marinated in a delicious garlic, parsley, chili and Worcestershire sauce mixture, so you can imagine what a lovely flavor that will give your seafood. Only marinate them for half an hour; that is sufficient to flavor them.

This recipe is perfect if you have some shrimp and you are wondering what to do with them. If the weather is fine, get the grill fired up and you can make this for the whole family. Although this recipe is for two servings, you can double it or triple it easily enough. Try serving the grilled shrimp in tortillas with some sour cream, or over a bed of brown rice for a healthy dish.
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